Nov 27, 2017 Virtual office

The Health Perks of Working in a Virtual Office!

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One of the best perks of being a freelancer is that you can work from a virtual office. Freelancing offers a lot of freedom and flexibility to create the perfect balance between work and life. With this, it is certain to draw a conclusion that virtual offices expose you to fewer health issues. Let’s look at some of the health perks that you enable with virtual offices:

  1. Eating healthy
    It’s much easier to keep a healthy diet while working in a virtual office. Unlike a traditional office, you don’t need to man the desk all day long. This means that you can take your own sweet time to prepare your meals, maintain your health regimen easily, have all meals on time and eat fresh food. When you eat healthy, everything else falls into place!
  2. Give your back some rest!
    Study reveals that 68% of the adults who sit for over 10 hours a day suffer from severe spine issues. Working in a virtual office on the other hand is less taxing on your back, as the amount of time you spend sitting is as per your convenience. Also, a virtual office lets you cut down on the commute time which means that your body is less strained.
  3. Go easy on your health
    When spending an entire day in a traditional office, you are mostly glued to your computer screen, which can spoil your health in many ways. However, a virtual office gives you enough time and space to step away from your desk for a while. Give your eyes some break and your back some relief and enhance your health by switching to a virtual office.
  4. Get the sleep you deserve!
    In most traditional offices, you are expected to check in by 9 AM. Without sufficient sleep, being cranky is the most obvious outcome. Speaking in medical terms, hypertension, migraine and memory loss can all get triggered due to sleep deprivation. On the other hand, working in a virtual office gives you the liberty to sleep whenever you’d like. Getting enough sleep is not only great for productivity, but is also crucial in keeping your weight under check.

    Once you enter the working life, you shall be in a stressful routine throughout. Rethink your health, Rethink your workspace!
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