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Are Virtual Office the Future Of Office Spaces

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The COVID pandemic has brought in the demand for many things, the virtual office is one among them. Virtual Offices, which were already being touted as the future of workplaces, are dominating commercial real estate sales at this time. When starting a new company, the skyrocketing real estate costs and renting an office space become one of the biggest challenges under normal circumstances.

The Pandemic has changed our normal life in many ways and more emphasis is laid on wearing masks, following social distancing and virtual working. With regards to working, adapting to Virtual offices, the way communication is done, and technology is used to get things done are the major ones witnessed. So, in essence, the pandemic has become a catalyst in the growth of virtual offices.

But, it is safe to say, COVID or not, virtual offices are the future of the business world.

Besides, business addresses in prime business locations, virtual office space provides reception & secretarial support, IT infrastructure, mail and courier handling, customized phone answering, meeting room access, coworking desk access etc. In addition to this, virtual offices also provide flexibility in upgrading or downgrading the package, team size and duration of the contract, any time during the term of the contract. Therefore, the virtual office has all the advantages of office space, except the physical space, and moreover, one pays only for what they use.

Major advantages of virtual office space

  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Access to global talent
  • Time-Saving


The virtual office concept is a boon for startups, new businesses, satellite offices or test markets which have limited cash flow/budgets. Virtual office space is ideal for you if you want to set up your office is less cost, set up a new branch, expand to multiple locations etc.

Access to global talent

Due to Virtual office spaces, businesses are not restricted to hiring local talent, instead, they have the freedom to hire resources from anywhere in the world according to the requirements of the job. Hence, they have the choice of best candidates from the available lot giving an organization access to a global pool of talent to choose from.


Since you do not have to travel every day to work you save a lot of time, money and energy leading to increased productivity. Meetings and conferences can be handled by using the virtual office providers meeting/conference room as and when required.

Right now, and in the future, offices may no longer need four walls or physical space to exist. The 9-5 concept me obsolete. Today, coworking spaces are leading this change by offering flexible virtual office plans to help businesses expand and grow from anywhere in the world with the help of contemporary technology and all the advantages of an office in a prominent business hub. Thus, virtual office spaces are gaining prominence for all businesses ranging from startups to large organizations. Offering essential services like mail-handling and call-forwarding, a virtual office is truly an ideal solution for work-life integration. Therefore, a virtual office could be a great contributor to future office spaces.

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