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How to Assign a Task According to their Personality!

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In a professional environment, employee personalities are often categorized only to the limit of an introvert or extrovert. While in fact, a student research team from Berlin University published in their book called “The Potential of Coworking” that there are three broad types of personality within coworking spaces: enthusiasts, pragmatists, and realists.

If you have just begun your startup journey, recognizing these personality traits could help you choose your employee prudently.  Despite the different attitudes of each one, here is the broad classification of personality types in a working space:

The Enthusiasts

The enthusiasts are the active ones. They keep themselves updated with current affairs and new developments in the industry. They are enthusiastic about giving inputs and do not hesitate in working out of their comfort zone. Good at communicating, they maintain a good relationship with everyone around them. Not only are they open to new ideas and projects, they are also very easy to cooperate with. Enthusiasts often push their limits with a belief that they have enough capability to do some groundbreaking.

The Pragmatists

Pragmatists are realistic and practical people. They would always look for rational reasoning with a task, discussions, and decisions. They prefer a work environment that is relaxed, collaborative, productive and creative. On the contrary, they tend to get worked up too soon but own good multitasking skills. They are often misunderstood for not exchanging ideas or communicating with their co-workers. Nevertheless, they are extremely creative and productive at their assigned tasks.

The Realists

In an office environment, the realists are hard to please. They work actively on their share of work but refuse to take that extra load in order to get the work done. They usually go by the idea of “this is my task, I would just do this. They are very headstrong on what is professional and what is not and so their attitude towards the idea of “working together” is very limited.

The realists make great team leaders. They are pro-active with their tasks and are excellent at maintaining work-life balance.

We hope these insights help you find the right employees for the right task positively for your new business. Likewise, you can understand the nature of your employees and assign task according to its nature. Remember, only when your employees are happy, they would take care of your venture right!

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