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How Will A Managed Office Space Benefit Your Business? Here Are 6 Reasons.

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A managed office is a customised workplace solution that is purchased and maintained by a workspace provider. It is also known as a serviced office, which is essentially a tailor-made, pay-as-you-go to office space. Such spaces, which are usually maintained and cared for by a service provider, rent out single offices or even an entire floor, allowing the client access to office space on a flexible term.

As you can see, managed offices offer all of the benefits of traditional office space, with the extra benefit of being tailor made to fit your needs, more flexible, and ready to move in. One of the most significant advantages of managed space for businesses is that the entire office can be custom designed from A to Z.

A managed workspace provider will handle everything, from identifying the perfect building to designing and fitting out the space to your specifications and furniture, fittings, utilities, and others. A managed workspace provider will also handle day-to-day workspace requirements and any maintenance concerns that may arise. In basic terms, a managed office space lets your employees, managers, and executives focus on the essential business demands and goals of the firm without the distractions and challenges that come with running and maintaining an office. This allows businesses to redirect capital investment away from day-to-day office upkeep and invest their time and money into strengthening their own culture, income, and productivity.

Benefits of a Managed Office Space


If your company is dynamic, then such a location might be excellent for you. Managed office spaces allow entrepreneurs to do business in their own unique style. These office spaces are rented for a short amount of time, allowing flexibility, and are thus perfect for organisations that are anticipated to expand or contract in a short period of time. Scalability, as an option, is not available in conventional offices.

Everything may be personalised for your company, from branding to the signages, the lighting fixtures to the workstations. Organizations may benefit from amenities such as customised décor and dedicated space with the flexibility to upscale or downscale as and when needed. Managed Space flexibility facilitates the transition to hybrid work culture and allows for fully tech-enabled offices.

Increased Productivity:

Productivity is the lifeblood of every organisation. It may come down to the structure and environment of your office if you want your staff to be more productive. The arrangement of workplace furniture and equipment, the movement between employee spaces, and the general atmosphere of your business will always be important.

When you choose a managed workspace, you get the freedom to alter the workplace according to your brand identity, just as if it were a blank canvas. Businessmen frequently complain that workplace administration consumes a significant amount of their time, which might alternatively be employed much more efficiently. You would have one less thing to worry about if you were in the company of a managed office space provider.


The Managed office is distinguished by its huge cost savings. Savings of up to 75% on monthly expenditures can be gained by eliminating the initial set-up costs and hidden charges prevalent in traditional leases. Furthermore, amenities such as break-out spaces, conference rooms, and conferencing equipment are offered to enterprises at no additional cost, resulting in significant savings and lower upfront expenditures.

In managed office spaces, you pay a single fixed monthly fee for all services. There is no need to bother about separate utility bills or housework. Everything is handled by the managed office space provider, which is more cost-effective in the long term.

Enhances Networking:

Networking is a true method of growing any business. Networking has always been a powerful foundation for attracting businesses, new partners, or clients, and even for your own team members. What a fantastic opportunity for an organisation to meet new individuals just outside the door, right? A managed office, even in a coworking space, is a collection of diverse enterprises under the same roof, allowing for business connections to collaborate with new individuals.

Brand Identity:

A strong brand identity has been shown to be incredibly effective in increasing employee sense of belonging and in increasing workplace productivity. A workspace that tells a narrative and represents brand values and identity is critical to the success of any business. With a managed office, you have the opportunity to create a brand identity that is tailored to your needs and brand guidelines. Usually, people are of the opinion that your company’s brand values might get compromised in a coworking space. But in a managed or serviced office in Hyderabad, you can actually retain your brand identity. This is largely owing to the fact that when your office space is custom designed, from scratch, you can allocate the assigned space to your employees and your guests only, without any interference from the other companies. You can have your own signages, your brand colors, and your brand values in your space.

Privacy in workspaces:

In addition to the above-mentioned point about retaining your brand identity, in managed office spaces, privacy is also guaranteed. While working in a shared office setting, privacy and noise level might be an issue, as there are many people sitting in, and working out of, the same area. However, these issues are not a bother in a managed office space. It allows you more control over the security of your environment. You have the authority to decide which personnel have access to particular locations and which are not. You may also have a security solution for your managed office space, such as facial recognition and retina scan-based access – all within a coworking space.

In Conclusion:

Managing a traditional office has become a burden that you should be wary of. As mentioned, managed offices can prove to be a successful solution for your businesses. Given the benefits listed above, establishing your firm in a managed office space appears to be far more advantageous. It will not only save you money, but it will also provide you with peace of mind and added productivity. If you’re searching for a full-service managed office space provider, iKeva is the place to go. We have centers across three cities, namely Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai, and that too, in prime locations.