5 Most Desired Cities in India to Launch a Start up!

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Did you know that India stands third in the largest startup ecosystems in the world list! It is no wonder that the startup scenario in the nation has much more success stories, with many more to be written. Study shows that India has the best cities, holding the best prospects for a startup.

Take a look at the best cities in India to launch a start up:

Bengaluru certainly stays on top of the list for the most desired places to launch a start up. With the city’s supportive environment, heavy density of investors and good mentorship, it is no wonder that many companies rose to fame after shifted their base to Bangalore! However, the poor quality of public infrastructure along with the fast floating population holds a downfall. Make your decision accordingly.

Despite the fact that Delhi has business acumen from the business communities residing there, its growth however owes a lot to its satellite town- Gurugram. With a strong consumer base and reasonably lesser rental costs, Gurgaon or Gurugram is an attraction to launch a start up. Different industries like education, e-commerce and healthcare have had their success stories, owing to this city. In contrast to Bangalore’s relaxed work culture, Delhi/ NCR is inclined towards traditional office set-up.

India’s exemplary financial hub, Mumbai still stands superior with unmatched business activity standards. However, with its public infrastructure confines and incredibly high real estate prices, the city can get difficult for a start up. Even then, Mumbai is without a doubt the perfect business gateway with a strong participation in imports and exports. The suburbs of Mumbai are probably the only value adding areas to the state for start-ups.

With the separation of Telengana and Andhra Pradesh, Hyderabad had several manufacturing units that moved out of the city. Nonetheless, the city possesses some giant having their main campus in the city. Having the presence of a highly educated workforce, having a major cyber hub and the low cost of living, makes Hyderabad a prospect city for startups.

Being the auto-manufacturing hub of the country, Chennai caters to a large global clientele in the Software sector. However, the city truly lags investor concentration when compared to the cities above. Raising the number of incubation centres for startups from the current four would also be welcome. Though major startup successes are yet to happen in Chennai, it’s almost certainly that the city holds immense potential.

Just have your business location right and the rest shall fall into place!
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