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How are Serviced office solutions Flexible for Startups and SME’S in covid times

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Start-ups and small businesses are on an onset exploring serviced offices for their team office and this pattern seems to be drastic. Getting traditional office space for rent seems like a task so most of them are moving to office spaces like serviced offices. There are huge benefits and facilities with serviced offices. 

What is a serviced office? 

Serviced offices are the ones managed by a company that allows renting rooms or floors to others. This is more like a traditional office that is fully furnished and equipped. Managed office, business center, or executive suite are its other names. 

Usually, the owner company has more ownership and control than the tenant companies. In a way, they help the tenant company save resources that range from printers to meeting rooms. Owner company gets its tenant company through serviced office brokers. 

Why use a serviced office? 

New ventures might hardly require necessities yet want to put forth a professional front this way serviced office in Bangalore serves the purpose. Get hands-on admin support, private offices, and meeting space without breaking the bank. 

Firms into marketing might have to extend their business to new cities to reach customers. While if they’re to set you traditional office spaces in each city that will hit their budget here serviced offices help them set up a business creating a huge cost cut. 

For businesses who switch between locations, serviced offices help them set their office spaces easing the transition period. iKeva helps you set your offices based on your business model. 

Benefits incurred through serviced office spaces. 

  1. In serviced offices, the cleaning and maintenance are taken care of by the onsite team of the respective serviced office. The iKeva onsite team looks after the operational challenges. This way you can focus on your business’s operations and development. 
  2. Serviced offices are usually located in main areas. Customers usually prefer businesses located in the main area that also gives a professional front to the business also gaining competitive advantages. Other benefits include easy access to financial institutions and other resources. 
  3.  Few serviced offices have spaces widespread in the country. If a business wants to shift or scale to other cities with their existing pass they can easily switch to other states/districts. This can immensely benefit startups and SMEs
  4.  Small businesses might have to choose office spaces for a short span of time. Serviced offices are not into conventional lease agreements this way, it benefits businesses. Few serviced offices even accept lower monthly rents provided the tenant
  5. business signs up for a long-term contract. This benefits startups and SMEs again since they’re provided with furnished office space at low monthly rent. 
  6.  SMEs can build an organic network through other tenant businesses that are in the same services office environment. This helps to build positive relationships alongside gaining different entrepreneurship perspectives. There’s always space for growth when networking is better. 
  7.  As a startup or SMEs, they’ve started and are still exploring to scale up. They tend to work from home most of the time hence for security reasons they can use the address of services office spaces. 

At iKeva we provide you complimentary visits to our serviced offices and you get access to all the benefits and facilities associated with serviced office spaces.