A boss says ‘go’, but a leader says ‘let’s go’. The importance of teams and leadership isn’t unknown in the corporate world. A group of individuals with a shared common goal, shared interests and mutual understanding can be named as a team. The importance of teams both in the corporate and educational environment has been highlighted thoroughly by social psychologists. It has been repeatedly mentioned that a unified team can easily achieve goals that are indeed considered tough for a single individual to achieve. Similarly, when competition occurs within the team that leads to personal differences, it brings down not only the proficiency of the team as a whole but also the performance of each team member. 

Organisations ranging from start-ups to conglomerates are all aimed to fully harness the efforts of their workers while not burdening them because it severely hampers their productivity. A balanced approach to achieving strenuous organisational goals is to divide the load amongst the workers depending on their capacity. Now, this cannot be done by the management authorities because it requires an up-close and in-depth knowledge of an employee’s talents, aptitudes and flaws. 

To overcome this stumbling block, companies form a team of individuals and assign a goal while leaving the rest resolution to the discretion of the team that discusses and divides the tasks among themselves and achieve their missions. But one important thing to be kept in mind while creating teams is to bind them with a feeling of co-operation and cohesiveness. Because it is this spirit that takes them forward. But there are other factors that influence a team’s performance. One most important and relevant being coworking versus working at an independent performance. 

Researchers have consistently underlined that working at a shared office space is way more favourable for workers than working at ordinary offices. This is due to multidimensional reap benefits that are provided by plug and play that are enumerated as follows:-

  1. Communal harmony:- Traditional office space culture is everything but peace and harmony. It involves a lot of drama, politics and competition. This is because teammates have shared goals and want to outperform each other to emerge as the best. Contrastingly, at a coworking centre, the feeling in the air is closer to friendships and harmonious relations. This eliminates all negative feelings that pit individuals against each other. Thus, allowing teams to thrive. 
  2. Accumulation of knowledge on a diverse range of topics:- Opportunities to network and interact in a coworking space in Hyderabad environment gives one vast exposure and broadens their horizons, giving them the experience and knowledge that ordinary offices can’t. This not only contributes to the overall personality development but also sets the needle of the compass of our minds into a whirl. Thus making a team, as a whole, more efficient. 
  3. Co-curricular and extracurricular activities:- The importance of these events and activities is twofold. First, it contributes to the mental well-being of individuals by breaking the monotony of seriousness and adding an element of humour. Secondly, it draws the teammates closer and amplifies cohesiveness. 
  4. Selective socialisation:- When socialisation happens forcefully, the mood swings of fellow teammates may spoil the environment of the whole group bringing the spirit down. At iKeva, the teammates have an option to take their personal space when needed. This protects their individual identity and also keeps them in check that they don’t supersede the interests of the team. 

Therefore, it can be seen how teams find their work meaningful while working at a shared office space rather than at ordinary offices. However, building great teams is more than just providing them with a  good physical office space. It requires intensive efforts in the area of rewarding employees and addressing their complaints and demands. Effective team management is a holistic and dynamic approach and iKeva is more than willing to help you out in this venture. Visit iKeva today to create a  personalised space for a team that will foster achieving your organisational goals.

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