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A start-up office space in a prime business centre is always a positive and hopeful aspect in the process of growing your business. Everything is around the corner, from vendors to partners and clients, a business service centre is a location to be! Also, one can garner enough eyeballs and strike great business deals through here. It certainly helps to focus exclusively on this since a startup goes through different phases right from the beginning till the growth stage, the challenges, reach, markets etc. Therefore, the location of your start-up is of utmost importance for having a strong foothold in all the developmental aspects of your business.

Simply put, a Start-up in a business centre-

  • Gives you the flexibility in terms of risk and liability
  • Is more professional than an apartment
  • Is a hub of activity
  • Is a platform where like-minded people meet and exchange information
  • Provides access to an infrastructure equivalent to that of an MNC
  • Increases productivity

Very similar is the MNC/consultants which allow you to set up a branch office and carry on your business activities. It is also a pay for what you use model giving access to high-end infrastructure. However, the interesting feature is that you need not worry to set up an office and then run it, as it is readily available making it much easier for you to accomplish your goals quickly. It is always productive to operate under a brand name as it is easy to get approvals for your business models. Further, you can enjoy all the privileges that an MNC is entitled to.

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