Work-related stress is a global phenomenon in the corporate world. A corporate survey says one-fourth of corporates blame their jobs for the stress in their lives.  Job life being a major part of most people’s lives and one of the main reasons for stress due to its weightage in our lives. The atmosphere at an office is competitive in nature pushing people around the world to achieve work-related goals and adding stress to their work and life. This stress can affect an organization in various ways such as hindering employee productivity, reducing motivation levels, increased conflicts between employees and reduced employee turnover.

Workplace stress is a reality in the corporate world. This takes a huge toll on employees well being affecting mentally and can even lead to depression. There can be a lot of reasons for stress like a disagreement with colleagues, seniors, work pressure, office politics and many more

Overcoming workplace stress

Taking all this into account, working out a coworking space is a much better idea. A coworking space is no less than a corporate and has all the facilities needed for a proper workplace. Moreover, it has fun zones and organizes community events every week to vent out stress at the workplace. Coworking spaces have an informal atmosphere where people can interact with employees of other companies. This interaction will lead to the exchange of ideas and opinions wherein they can adopt good things from each other. Also interacting with others and discussing things reduces stress.

Advantages of coworking spaces over traditional workplace

A traditional work environment usually offers dedicated space, formal timings and infrastructure. They too maintain health and safety standards. But even a good working environment and team bonding could bring in stress. Engaging with the same team or colleagues could cause discomfort or awake a sense of competition.

On contrary, in a coworking space, one can interact with co-workers from other companies as well. They can talk, discuss, seek advice, learn about each other, and can get into a powerful and positive bond. This could be a perfect thing to vent out stress and preserve individual mental health.

As the days pass by, there forms a camaraderie among different coworkers, and everyone will get to know about the expertise of their coworker. They can further offer mutual support and can comfort their coworkers filling positive vibes all around.

Coworking space is beneficial for almost every kind of person. For introverts, it offers break-out areas, fun zones and creates situations and events to communicate with others. This could be a perfect place to enjoy their own space yet finding the opportunity to talk to others. For extrovert go-getters, like-minded people & companies are always surrounded by whom they could meet and connect with.

Coworking and Community

We, at iKeva, as one the best coworking or workspace operators established in Hyderabad, Bangalore and Mumbai acts as an extended HR arm and organize activities which are knowledge bases as well as fun for all their clients. This is especially a boon for companies that have a smaller number of employees and those find it difficult to organize such activities. Coworking operators like us make a lot of effort to encourage client engagement and networking for their business and social wellbeing.


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