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The Rise of Remote Working

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Remote working is the new black and nobody can claim otherwise. The reason being the current pandemic situation. Now, work from home is one of the things keeping the economy flowing, even if by a little only. Starting from call-center to the fortune 500 companies, everyone is switching to virtual offices one way or another.

While remote workers, freelancers, and the clan of independent workers have been functioning for a long time. It’s only now that they are actually getting much recognition. The pandemic has reduced the time that it would take to be noticed.

The concept of remote working or setting up a virtual office is getting accepted all over the globe. Also, it is predicted that even after the lockdown ends, companies might stick to the new normal. This will be a hybrid working culture having a mix of both physically present workers and remote workers.

Factors that contributed to the rise of remote working

  • The Effect of Industrialization
  • The impact of Personal Computers
  • Internet: The harbinger of Connectivity
  • Introduction to Remote Working Concept
  • Covid-19: The much-needed catalysts

The Effect of Industrialization

During the early times, everyone used to work only for themselves. The concept of which changed when industrialization was introduced. Following that, Individuals were needed to work from factories for the production of goods and services. Later on, the concept got wide acceptance and over time, it became the standard for the working class.

The impact of Personal Computers

Well! The introduction to a personal computer was a big move. It made the people less dependent upon the resources available at their working place. They can simply install a machine and get the same work done from their homes as well.

Before the personal computer, they would have to input data and do all the work on a single device present in their office location. Making coming to the office a necessity.

Internet: The harbinger of Connectivity

Just after that, the introduction to the internet is the second most important event in the history of remote working and it’s probably the most prominent as well.

Now, not only you can do work from your home but can also deliver it to the required person as well from the same space. The power to do real-time chat, comment on someone’s work, or collaborate on the same document from miles away, has become possible. Individuals were also introduced to the concept of a virtual office properly in the era of the internet only.

Introduction to Remote Working Concept

Later on, people did realize that office space is not a necessity for getting your work done anymore. From which a clan of freelancers bloomed giving rise to this new culture of working from home. But having an office address was inevitable. This gave rise to the virtual office space which provides you with the address for registering your office.

The advantages of being a freelancer were many including that they can work on multiple projects, didn’t have to waste time traveling, can make more money, etc. You can have a virtual office in Mumbai while you live in some southern part of India and is the same as the other locations as well. The list of advantages goes on and this made many people all over the world switch to freelancing. Moreover, the legal and other requirements were tended by virtual office providers. This way their only problem relating to legal issues was thrown out of the ballpark as well.

Covid-19: The much-needed catalysts

The freelancers were on the rise even before COVID-19 took place, but it sure worked as a much-needed catalyst. It created a disaster on a global level and also created a high-value demand for people who can get the job done from their home space. Hence, freelancers came into the limelight and as of now, freelancing is the new black and virtual office is a boon to freelancers.

Big conglomerates such as Apple, Google, and many others are already working in a hybrid fashion where people needed in the office are the only ones visiting. These companies have already announced that this model will be preferred by them in the future as well, due to the added flexibility and increased productivity.

Now, with the rise of freelance culture and remote working, this growing section of workers needs something more to get them organized, which is exactly where the much talked about virtual office spaces chimes in. If you’re one of the freelancer’s clan and didn’t know about the concept of virtual offices yet, then it’s time you should educate yourself.

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