Things to consider when comparing serviced and non-serviced offices

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As you launch your startup and trying to conduct your business successfully, it is indeed critical to choose the perfect office space. Your office space is certainly the reflection of the state of your business. The serviced offices are a great option for the startups and small businesses as compared to the non-serviced offices. The office space that you choose serves as a moment of truth for the prospective customers, existing customers, shareholders of the company, employees and all other stakeholders of the business as well. The prospective customers and the candidates for interview form their impressions by looking at the office space, and the attractiveness of the office space certainly plays a major role to join your business. A good and resourceful office space with great infrastructure serves as a major morale booster for the existing employees of the company as well. Hence, choosing the right serviced office space is a crucial consideration that would enable you to run your business successfully.

There are multiple considerations that should necessarily be taken into account while comparing the serviced and non-serviced offices. In case you fail to make these considerations, this may lead to several issues which would eventually fail to attract customers or clients to your business. Also, you would experience failure in keeping your workforce happy. While you are on a mission to compare a serviced office and non-serviced office to choose the most suitable one for your business, then here is a check-list of the major features that a potential space should possess.

This write-up would very well guide you in distinguishing the major features of a serviced and a non-serviced office which would, in turn, help you in making an informed decision.


  • Office location


The most crucial factor while choosing an office space is its location. There are several factors which contribute in selecting a perfect office location. Every business wishes to be in the vicinity of its major customer base and be located in the business central. This remains an undenied fact that one-size-fits-all solution while selecting an office location needs evaluation. This should remain as the driving force in your decision making.

For several companies, the brand image plays a major significance. The brand image of a business is a key asset, and this can be maintained by owning a lavish office in the thick of the business district. The startups and small businesses do not have the budgets for owning or renting an office space in the business central and thus settles for some modest location. You necessarily need to choose the office location only after carefully identifying the needs of your business.

It is recommended by the experts that you should develop a matrix that minutely lists the different business requirements in the “Y” axis and the location variables should be placed in the “X” axis. This particular matrix should be able to solve the problem of choosing the location in a relatively easier manner.

In case, you find that a specific location is ideal as your business but owning a private non-serviced office is expensive then you can opt for a shared and serviced office with great infrastructure but within an affordable budget.


  • The accessibility and connectivity of the office space


Although the prospects and customers are of paramount importance, the chosen office location should ideally meet the needs of the employees and the business as well. This is to be ensured that the location of the business is easily accessible.

Here are the following parameters which should be taken into account while the selection of an office space.

  1. Proximity from the customers– This is an imperative that your business should be close to your customers. For any business, the customers are of the utmost importance. So, possessing a business address closer to your major customer base is a highly preferable option.
  2. Proximity from the workforce– While the customers are crucial as they provide you business, the workforce is also of major significance on a daily basis. The employees reach office for work every single day from different locations in the city. Thus, the selected location should ideally be well-connected with public transport facilities.
  3. Considerations of cost– The cost considerations are of prime importance. The transportation facilities should be good in the selected location and should ideally be in a central location rather than in the suburbs.


  • Cost of office setup


Once you have finally decided on the location, you need to necessarily evaluate the overall setup cost. The range of setups necessarily required depends on the infrastructure and the lease or rent. Every small aspect like buying furniture or laying carpet to wiring should be considered. So, it is always convenient and economic as well to walk into a serviced office and start working. Thus, if you have a stringent budget and do not want to take the responsibilities of setting up the office, then it is always preferable to opt for a serviced office space.


  • Quality and cost of office services


There are several services like reception, client refreshments, postal services, purchasing and business support that are critical for the seamless conducting of the business. The quality of the services will very strongly determine the experience and overall delight of the customers. Once you have determined the quality of services, it is essential to decide whether you need to outsource certain duties so that you can engage full time for the growth and welfare of the business. If you can get all the accessory services in a serviced office space, then it is wise to opt for a serviced office space rather than a non-serviced office space.


  • Hidden costs


None wants to pay more than the estimated cost. This demands a detailed evaluation of all the costs involved in a full-fledged office with all necessary amenities and services. Paying the hidden expenses can severely impact the bottom line and also the overall growth of your business. A serviced office can be rented at a package cost which consists of all facilities and services. There is no room for any hidden cost, unlike a private non-serviced office where several extra expenses may pop up now, and then that includes the maintenance of the office gadgets like printers, computers, air conditioners etc. So, in the present world if you own a startup or a small business, then a serviced office is a great choice as it usually does not have any hidden costs.

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