Creative Collaboration in the Digital World

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Digital world has enabled work collaboration. People have discovered ways to collaborate virtually and create more opportunities. Today, the business environment has evolved to encourage creative collaboration. One of Marissa Mayer’s first acts as CEO of Yahoo! was to discourage the practice of working from home, rightly pointing out that “people are more collaborative and innovative when they’re together.” Companies can employ commercial spaces for rent to bring their employees together, without investing in setting up their own office infrastructure.

Due to the availability of digital tools and concepts such as Holacracy and podularity, collaboration in the workplace has greatly improved. From making physical copies of each piece of work to e-mail to the cloud, collaboration as we see it today has undergone tremendous changes.

Why is digital collaboration picking up?

Fosters creativity – By bringing together thinking minds from all walks of life, in a manner that was not possible before the advent of digital technologies, digital collaboration boosts creativity and innovation to a whole new level. Interestingly, the people who invented computers and the Internet worked in collaboration with other people, instead of working alone.

When Steve Jobs designed a new headquarters for Pixar, he was obsessed over ways to structure the atrium, and even where to locate the bathrooms, so that serendipitous personal encounters would occur. Among his last creations was the plan for Apple’s new signature headquarters, a circle with rings of open workspaces surrounding a central courtyard.

Everyone cannot afford to or may not want to invest in setting up serendipitous buildings, so the idea of using a commercial space for rent is taking shape. For instance, an office space for rent in Bangalore meet many needs of startups that cater to employees hailing from different areas.

Promotes flexibility – Collaboration dissolves boundaries. People share their content and thoughts using a wide variety of digital tools. Unlike the past, people have the flexibility to collaborate with each other irrespective of their location.

Provides freedom – Collaboration allows the individual freedom of thought and harnesses his or her creative potential. With digital technology, people can connect with others anywhere in the world.

What is the form of creative collaboration using digital technologies?

Crowdsourcing – The digital world has given birth to the concept of user-generated content and crowdsourcing projects. Crowdsourcing involves audience participation to provide content or services to meet a shared goal. Crowdsourcing projects may also involve collaborating with other organizations – made possible with digital technology.

Digital Currency – The world of economics has been revolutionized by the concept of digital currency. Moving value in a digital manner securely and quickly is a technological innovation. Simply put, it is a digital ledger or spreadsheet that can be modified by whoever has authorized access.

Content and Digital Services – Creatives are able to come up with more designs and content than before. To stand apart from the crowd, creative agencies are taking the help of the latest tools and technologies to boost collaboration.

A stellar example is The Johnny Cash Project developed by Aaron Koblin in collaboration with Chris Milk involving a music video. The video features hand-drawn frames by various artists who use different art styles. While this may sound like blatant plagiarism, it isn’t – each artist whose work appears in the video is acknowledged. Such a product can only be possible through digital collaboration.

The availability of commercial space in Bangalore with end-to-end collaboration solutions at affordable prices is on the rise. Organizations – big or small – can take advantage of fully equipped virtual office space for rent in Bangalore to harness the power of digital technology in giving a fillip to creative collaboration in their teams.


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