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What Makes Events In A Coworking Space Special?

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A few decades ago, coworking was an unknown concept. Working in an office space alongside strangers you were not professionally obligated to interact with, was unheard of. Today, shared office spaces are more than simply a trend. From freelancers and startups to big corporations, organizations across all sizes are abandoning their traditional office setting for collaborative coworking spaces.

The market for coworking spaces is expanding at an exponential rate. Forecasts suggest that there will be over 30,000 shared office spaces by 2022, globally. This ever-growing market is accompanied by intense competition. To stay afloat, it has become essential to standing out from the crowd. Just the ability to provide a nice workspace is no longer sufficient. The coworking space in Mumbai and in most of the Metropolitan cities need to hook investors and clients alike. As it turns out, organizing compelling events has become the ideal way to grow the community at any coworking space.

Events at coworking spaces differ from events at traditional offices. Traditionally, events are organized either to break away from the monotony of the 9-5 regime or company designated task that employees must attend. Events in coworking spaces are special. Moreover, it can be tedious to host events in large corporations owing to the extensive procedures and perhaps a general unwillingness in employees to attend.  Coworking spaces operate differently.

Here are 5 reasons that make events in coworking spaces special.

1. The Setting Is Welcoming

The infrastructure of a coworking space is designed with a priority on providing comfort and ease. Therefore, the need to look for a separate hosting space is barely an issue. Coworking spaces allow for converting existing space to suit varying needs – whether it’s a large town hall or a small pop-up stall. This flexible arrangement allows for greater turnout since members are not inconvenienced to travel to some external location. All the amenities and facilities are arranged in the same venue and handled by the coworking space staff. Bottom line? After a productive day, members can network during the events without wasting even a minute of their time.

2. Events Reap Multiple Rewards For The Members

Coworking spaces host members from varied professions and sectors. Events with a varied audience can thus become a potential source of great rewards, where the requirement of one individual member can be fulfilled by the others. These events can also be hosted by non-member businesses, providing greater opportunities to members. Consider an event involving different investors looking to channel their capital. This has the potential to benefit multiple members simultaneously while building networks as well. Workshops to refine skills and panel discussions are popular events that have proved beneficial to members. Unlike the traditional workspaces, coworking spaces have allowed for greater professional growth of their members.

3. Value Addition To The Member Brands

Events in coworking spaces add value to the member brands. Corporate social responsibility has become essential for small and large businesses alike. Coworking spaces also organize events to bolster members to build a good image. iKeva, a leading coworking space brand in India, organizes environmental awareness programs as part of their corporate social responsibility. Their frequent health camps ensure the best health of their members and employees alike have added significant value to the coworking space community.

4. Events Provide A Colorful Definition To The Community

Varied events ensure that the community remains diverse. For example, book clubs and hackathon events in coworking spaces have the potential to be crowd pullers and allow members to stay active within the community as well as help bring in more members. Events like accountability cohorts allow members to keep track of their goals. Coworking spaces are at liberty to organize events as diverse as their community, providing a plethora of opportunities to members frequently.

5. The Barter Based Approach

Traditional office parties can get monotonous with time since the crowd does not change often and occasions become stale. Events in coworking spaces provide a fresh perspective and new methods of networking. The barter-based approach involves bartering time and skills in lieu of monetary gains. This trend is a boon for startups or businesses lacking funds. Existing members also benefit. They can offer services to the coworking space in exchange for reduced membership fees.

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Events in coworking spaces are informative, exciting, and inspiring. Most importantly, some would argue – they are essential. With a special focus on the community, coworking brands like iKeva successfully stand out in the sector and draw members, loyal members.