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How Large Organizations Are Taking Advantage Of Coworking For Expansion?

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Solo entrepreneurs and freelancers are not the only ones who are opting for a desk in a coworking space. The scenario has changed all across the globe and India is not an exception. Large corporations like Amazon, IBM & Microsoft are adding to the growing demand for the coworking spaces. It has been tremendously growing as an industry and is projected to have crossed 30,000 numbers across the globe by 2022. The growth rate which has been forecasted as per the ongoing trends is approximately 16%.

Now the big question is whether this is just another trend that is appealing to the millennial workforce only for a short passage of time? Or this is a trend going to stay here for a much longer time? Is it really a feasible & viable option for the large organizations which are planning to expand to the new cities and territories & stay connected? Here is the answer. Here are just a few ways by which large organizations can fruitfully incorporate the concept of coworking into their jackpot strategy of success by incorporating coworking.

Productivity and Flexibility for employees

There is a throat-cut competition for talent in the present professional arena. With the economy growing stronger and unemployment rate lowering, it is better if you can offer as many perks as possible to your employees. If the commute to your existing office horrendous? Are your existing employees constantly looking for flexible work locations and work-from-home options? The flexible locations and flexible schedules will certainly ensure less unproductive time on the road for all your superstar employees & they would be able to add more value to your business. So, this is obviously a win-win situation for both the employer as well as the employee. This will certainly be counted as a decent win for your very crucial employee perk/benefits package!

Coworking offers opportunities to employ professionals even beyond the reach of the existing headquarter or satellite offices. They certainly eliminate the requirement to relocate or cut down the chance of losing a key talent due to geographical differences. If your company is headquartered in Gurugram and wants to hire a senior engineer based out in Bangalore who is interested in the association but reluctant to relocate, you can easily hire him and station him in a good coworking space in Bangalore like iKeva and add value to your organization. It would be easy as well as a cost-effective proposition for the larger companies to appoint talented and senior employees at locations where they don’t have their permanent offices.

Coworking also offers large organizations several options to take their meetings off-campus. This simple change of venue can probably spark an altogether new level of zeal & creativity in the meetings as compared to the meetings held in the conference room within the usual office.

A cost-effective option for expansion

You should not be fascinated by just the trendy setup, vibe of the place or the expresso machine in the coworking space. Coworking is much more than that as it is good for the overall costs of running your business. As per various researches, coworking has the potential of saving up to 73% in the overhead costs for a particular business.

Typically, an expansion into some new city usually calls for a considerably huge overhead initial investment which includes additional staff, rent & furniture, etc. only to support a small team. Coworking spaces can eliminate the cost as well as worries of setup absolutely and save both resources and time. So, no more waiting for signing a lease or you have no worries about the furniture setup. Also, there are no more worries about hiring some office administrators. All that you have to do is to sign your new employee’s offer letter and station him in a good coworking space to start working.

Why Should You Hold Your Next Event In A Coworking Space?

Close proximation to the innovative spirit

One amongst the major perks of coworking is the kind of crowd that space attracts. While the start-ups & entrepreneurs are the usual takers of the coworking spaces, the employees of the large organizations are also equally benefitting from them. The professionals from different backgrounds are getting a common platform to interact and exchange ideas. The employees of large organizations get a lot of motivation and much-needed energy from the dynamic entrepreneurs who are operating from the same coworking space.

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