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Choosing Coworking Spaces: Is Brand Important?

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As you may already know, commercial real estate, as an industry, is at its prime these days and are not always affordable with their sky-high rates. For early-stage businesses, smooth functioning is of vital importance for it to be successful. A proper workplace plays an important part in any business being cost-efficient. But this can be a major issue with the jaw-dropping costs of renting or buying real estate in today’s age.

So how do you get your business up and running if you cannot afford a workplace? Enter coworking spaces, a real solution to all your workplace issues. Coworking spaces are, in the most basic terms, shared workplaces.

The most apparent elements of coworking spaces in Mumbai are the shared infrastructure and maintenance costs between multiple businesses. Small businesses require only a part of the available large office spaces. It, therefore, makes sense to share the operational expenses with other businesses. The initial phase of any startup often demands that unnecessary costs be kept to a minimum as they scale.

Why Use Coworking Spaces?

Conventionally, small enterprises and early-stage businesses often started by working out of homes or coffee shops. However, such a working environment can hamper the growth and productivity of a company. A dedicated workplace is vital to elevate efficiency and productivity from employees. Hence, coworking spaces really took off in the past few years along with the mercurial rise in entrepreneurship.

Sharing of costs and infrastructure is just the tip of the iceberg though. You also share a sense of community with each other along with common networks, reception, amenities and so much more.

Additionally, with the best coworking spaces brands, you also do not have to worry about stuff like setting up and paying for an internet connection, coffee machine, office cleaning services and such. This leaves you free to concentrate solely on your business venture.

Leading Brands In Coworking Space

As with any other sector, you will find certain brands in the coworking space industry that truly stands out from their counterparts. With the best spaces and the standard of services offered, such brands help you further grow your business without any obstacles.

For a business to function efficiently, you need a set of other factors working in your favor. For instance, you need:

  • A good reception,
  • A friendly, approachable support team
  • Reliable and fast Internet connectivity,
  • A vibrant, diverse and enterprising community
  • Amenities like conference and meeting rooms, security, maintenance, etc.
  • Ready-to-use and fully equipped pantry/ break-out area, among other things.

WeWork is arguably the poster child among global coworking brands and stands out for the design of its spaces and the service it provides. It operates globally, in scores of cities, but its rapid expansion has also brought it a fair share of controversy and negative news cycles.

iKeva is one of the leading brands in the Indian Co-working industry. They operate coworking spaces across five major cities in India, namely:

  • Bengaluru
  • Chennai
  • Mumbai
  • Hyderabad and
  • Gurugram

iKeva offers much more than just office spaces; besides an environment conducive to growth, we provide many additional benefits owing to the partnerships with well-established professional service providers like Paytm, Amazon web services, Oyo, etc.. You will also be able to make use of iKeva’s extensive network of experts in the fields of Marketing, Human Resources, Accounting, IT and others to help you enhance your business. Being part of iKeva means being part of a growing community and a productive ecosystem in which your business will thrive.

How Large Organizations Are Taking Advantage Of Coworking For Expansion?

Why Brand Matters?

We can all agree that for many things, the brand may not always be very indicative of quality. Sometimes branding simply signifies a costlier product, with no real advantage over a non-branded product. However, with coworking spaces, this is certainly not the case.

Firstly, as a budding business, you want to use only the trusted and established service providers. You simply cannot afford any missteps that will hamper progress in the present or in the near future. For instance, you do not want a dispute over the space with another company or even with the provider. Nor do you want to have any disruptions in the services you get in the workplace.

What a good brand brings with it in the coworking space industry is reliability and accountability. And these are absolutely necessary for a blossoming business. For the optimal functioning of your venture, you definitely need a smooth provision of all features and services promised by a brand. With a reputed and established brand, you do not have to worry about aspects other than your own business. Rest all is the responsibility of the space provider.

The best brands also go a step further and ensure that your company has all the tools required to be successful. They do their best to help you create an ecosystem, not just within your own company, but with the ones you are sharing the space with as well. All of this plays a huge part in making your business a winner.