There’s a lot on the platter of budding entrepreneurs – from focusing on the business to managing administrative tasks; from email responses to scheduling and setting up meetings. To manage everything, is indeed time consuming and could prove to be a major setback for a business, which in first place would need uninterrupted focus, dedication and perseverance. But what if administrative tasks could be outsourced to a virtual office support system? Yes, it will definitely help letting the steam off of an entrepreneur.

A virtual office assistant is someone who is responsible for managing end-to-end administrative tasks. The virtual office support system clasps various administrative tasks which otherwise would be a time consuming affair for most entrepreneurs. Office errands such as sending email newsletters, replying to queries, scheduling meetings, booking flight tickets etc., are now completely managed and taken care of by this smart unseen office assistant. With Virtual office mail or virtual office phone service, things are more relaxed, especially for entrepreneurs and consultants who don’t need a physical office setup. Let us look into four most-important tasks that could and should be outsourced to a virtual assistant.

Foremost: The Four-most

Emails: Responding to emails is known to be the most time consuming tasks. Of course, an email response function forms one of the most important means of communication, but that doesn’t mean entrepreneurs must devote a good amount of an otherwise productive time in looking up and replying to each and every one of them. A virtual office mail can take care of this, by filtering out the important and not so important ones and also by replying on your behalf. Redundant email tasks like sending email newsletters to clients and customers, consider it already done.

Phone Calls: Attending numerous calls is a tedious task and at times gets time consuming. The best way to get rid of them is to have a virtual assistant answer calls on behalf of the company and filter the important ones to be directed to you. A virtual office answering service enables complete management of the incoming calls (outgoing too) of a business. Apart from tracking and recording important messages it wins the cost factor by reducing the human resource expense to a virtual assistant who would also manage the company’s brand image.

Scheduling: While an established business has a dedicated team to schedule tasks and manage calendar, budding entrepreneurs do find it difficult to manage these on their own. Planning the calendar, scheduling meetings, booking flight tickets, setting up client meetings/calls etc. take considerable amount of time but will still need to be scheduled as per plan and on time. By outsourcing these functions to a virtual assistant, entrepreneurs can attend to higher priorities.

Social representation of company: Every brand has its unique identity and that needs to be reflected in every facet of the brand. While dealing with customers, you need to project your exclusive brand identity and your virtual office support can help you achieve this every time, it’s needed. For organizations, virtual assistance can definitely bring in the brand’s exclusivity and add more value.

iKeva offers a comprehensive range of virtual office support services, designed to match the needs of a business. Organizations can take advantage of the cost and time effective solutions to enhance their business and also avail a range of benefits being offered. The flexibility of scaling a business with time makes virtual office an ideal choice for entrepreneurs and iKeva has been of constant support in this endeavor. Offering nothing but the best for your business, iKeva helps you move to smarter office solutions for better business.

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