Its been 5 weeks as a Community Manager at iKeva. iKeva is a workspace provider with community and member benefits. It welcomed me with the opportunity to work alongside a growing community of talented members from various backgrounds and sectors.

Here are a few learnings in last 5 weeks that have changed the way I work:

Asking questions + getting feedback is a must.

Before working at iKeva, I was mostly involved in Open Source and Art&culture communities. Living the explorer life, there was always that moment where I got stuck in a project. As much as I wanted to ask the stranger next to me if they knew how to help, I’m sure they wouldn’t have cared even if they did know. For the last 4 weeks, when I get stuck (i.e. google doesn’t have answers) I ask our coworkers. My brilliant, talented, multi-faceted coworkers. And in our quick discussion, they point me towards tools, resources and other brilliant people who can help which keeps my work moving forward.

Coworking keeps your feet moving.

At iKeva, Our members are all working on different things, for different companies and with different skills sets. But one things remains common amongst us all. We work hard and work together. Sometimes we get tired especially when clock hits 5 in the evening and it’s just not quitting time. Then there is that glorious moment where you look up and see your fellow coworker still working hard across the hall. In that moment you remember that you are not alone and if they can work efficiently, well so can you.

Breaks are important.

Working alongside fellow members you pick up some of their routines. The best habit I have acquired from my coworkers is taking breaks and going for a walk. Before I met them, I never took breaks especially for walks. But I have learned that a 5 minute or 10 minute walk OFTEN will get you through a long day. And nothing’s better than a quick feel of breeze or a deep discussion with your coworker. Sometimes our coworkers offer me snacks and I join them for a quick break in the kitchen. Working alongside people who strive for a healthy work and life balance reminds me to do the same.

If this few weeks are any indicator of what the next one year will be like, sign me up because I have no doubt I will have learned incredible new skills and been challenged by my coworkers.

Take Time, think it through and complete the task

Most of the times, you come across organizations which wants you to work a lot at minimal time which kills your productivity and work at the same time.
But at iKeva, I’ve seen people giving respect to the work and doing it slowly, but efficiently. I see teams huddling up for the scrum meeting and coming back to their desks or beanbags with positive vibes.


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