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iKeva: A holistic workspace

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JUNE 28, 2017 article published on “The Hindu”

iKeva’s initiative to take inputs from members has enhanced their design quotient over time

In a compact area, the challenge for workspaces is to package its design elements judiciously and yet not be too simplistic. iKeva is a coworking space spans across 9000 square feet with a neat balance of open spaces, cabins and meeting spots. Located on the sixth floor of Melange Towers, Hitec City, iKeva boasts of complete occupancy in most of its centres across the country. Their design element varies from city to city, given the diverse tastes of residents. Although their interiors aren’t altered regularly, they make timely changes to break the monotony.

For their Hitec centre, they stick to their basic palette of black, white, purple and magenta, the colors being adaptable for design changes whenever necessary. Rather than the furniture, it’s the hand-made touch that makes the space interesting. A drawing of a mosque with a moon on a whiteboard is a toast to Ramzan festivities, a chart with craftwork is modeled like a calendar at the entrance. This leads us to the café space (that functions through the day and has a stunning view of the Hitec stretch) where a dartboard serves as a stress buster. This is where members host informal lunches, while sandwiches from Wichplease are a usual accompaniment during weekends. The open ceiling, a preferred choice with most office spaces now, ensures transparency.


Fun at iKeva's holistic workspace


The entire workspace is enveloped in natural light. Workstations are fixed for the members, for those who feel chairs are too mainstream, there are bean bags. In the open space is the carrom corner. The cabins are for people who prefer privacy to openness, there are also special packages that ensure a virtual office facility.

iKeva places equal emphasis on hosting events; space is lit up on Fun Fridays and open spaces transform into event zones on Saturdays. There are regular panel discussions, seminars on women-friendly workspaces hosted by Sheroes too. One of iKeva’s biggest strengths is the pace at which you book your space. A client’s space can be booked under 30 minutes. Firms consistently on the move have a facility to use their spaces across all iKeva centres across the country.

clatter free Meeting rooms

“The employees chip in with design ideas periodically; the festivals liven up space. In a co-working atmosphere, it is important to have interiors with a wider appeal, as the use of white and other mellow hues here, colors like yellow and blue worked in our centers at Mumbai and Gurgaon,” reveals Monika, iKeva’s founder and general manager in Hyderabad. A number of startups, SMEs and top firms form their 1200-member family across the country. A proof of their ability to cater to various clients has been their experience with multinationals like Nokia and Philips.


Where: Melange Towers, Hitec City

What: Co-working space

Area: 9000 square feet

Seating capacity: 160

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