Oct 27, 2021 Blogs Serviced Office

Advantages of serviced offices that are redefining companies’ real estate strategy

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‘The only constant in life is change’’ during the pandemic, we have readily accepted massive changes in life including work-life. Observing employees working from home and gradually venturing into fully furnished offices, marks this revolutionary rise in the serviced office space. Nearly 30% of people opting for sharing workspace shows that the change has been accepted wholeheartedly. With corporations allowing their employees to work from home, and hometowns, the employees succumb to the plug-and-play office. There are multiple reasons for the same apart from the tech scalability of such co-working spaces. These business centers are now opening in smaller cities too, and are not restricted to only big cities. This has redefined the companies’ real estate strategy and companies are leveraging their savings. With that said, this strategizing the real estate spaces comes with multifarious benefits. 

With nearly 70% of people looking forward to going back to the offices, the commercial buildings are going to see a massive rise. This will boost the real estate market, as more people are venturing out to work at serviced offices in Bangalore. These changes that are witnessed post-pandemic seem like they are here to stay. This is also because the fully furnished office also offers manifold opportunities for the companies in not only providing the flexibilities but also managing their portfolio. When the companies’ accounts are handled by the serviced workspace, they tend to meet like-minded individuals. Networking with them and optimizing the networks certainly ascertains benefits in bringing business. This aspect was restricted in the otherwise office space. 

With the difficulties of having a furnished office space that is tech-enabled at home, the serviced office is your answer.  In this situation, the add-on is the closed offices for an uncertain time. In this situation, the employees who find the serviced offices productive, are seeking time slots according to their convenience and are making only the flexible payment for the utilization. This has been the biggest boon for the companies that are middle-scale or small scale as it mitigates their losses on rent. Such organizations are seeking serviced offices so they can be cost-efficient. This has also enhanced the commercial real estate market. 

The variety of services like tea-coffee, security, cabin, and many more offered at the serviced offices also have a major role to play. These services are always available at an extra cost to the companies and counted as benefits. However, at the serviced offices these are facilities that are within the cost you pay for the day or the number of hours. For every individual, the hours of working can vary and they can pay for the hours utilized only. This serves as a larger-than-life benefit, especially for those businesses that are finding a foothold to grow. The wonderful infrastructure provided without having the hassle to develop it has strategized the real estate market significantly.    

These benefits have given rise to many workspaces that are equipped with amenities and IKEVA is one pertinent office for your needs. We at iKeva have an alacrity to accommodate the people and provide them the facilities par excellence. It is our forte to re-establish your interest and focus in your work such that your work exponentially improves as you will enjoy the office premises.  In the team office or individual cabin, we proffer manifold combinations to ease your stress and enhance your productivity. We have certainly redefined real estate by giving comfort and services that the employees are longing for during the covid breakout when it comes to working.