Difference between types of Spaces

Nov 24, 2021 Blogs Serviced Office

What is the difference between co-working space and fully serviced and managed offices

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Serviced offices and co-working spaces are the contemporary ways of working that are being observed often, recently.  Ever since the new normal has been adapted, people and offices have adopted the ‘book a seat’ system, no matter, if it is a co-working space or a, serviced office. With this similarity, you may want to know if the terms serviced offices and co-working spaces can be used interchangeably. The answer is no because both these terms have stark differences that we are going to understand through the below-mentioned points.

  1. The difference in the users: A serviced office in Mumbai is used by companies where they take the entire building or some floors of the building for its employees. Such an office has the desks and other basics intact and has cubicles made for its employees and the distinction of the hierarchy. So people from the same company come and work here on the same floor and building. This can be also referred to as the business center. On the other hand, a co-working space is not undertaken by an organization, instead, professionals can take a single seat to work in an office environment.  
  2. Ambiance: Co-working spaces are plush, exuberant, with not only desks that are fully equipped, but also with amenities that keep the professionals entertained.  For this, a co-working space often has distinct areas for work and play. There are pool tables, areas for rest, lounges, and the ease of plug-and-play office. Serviced offices are comfortable, but since they are hired by large companies, the distinction between entertainment and work is minimal.  
  3. Events: The serviced offices and co-working spaces are used by freelancers, startups, corporate and others. The difference lies in the fact that co-working spaces organize community events for all the people who use their spaces. This is to build camaraderie and for the benefit of the business. Serviced offices, on the other hand, do not conduct these events. Serviced offices do not require networking because employees from the same organization work here. 
  4. Difference in the privacy parameter: Using a serviced office gives you more ownership and an office to call your own. Each day an employee goes to his office, without having to bother about his/her seat or the ambiance of the office. In a co-working space that follows the use and pay model, this ownership is lacking. Although, the professionals can call the place their own, but only until they have a booking. Upon completion of the booking period, the same seat may be used by someone else. In such a case, it is important to manage your data well and keep no record on the system you use at the co-working space. 
  5. Spirit of the spaces: Co-working space is mostly used by budding entrepreneurs and thus, is brimming with an entrepreneurial spirit. Even the nap area, lounges, pantry, and cafe that are inside the office are full of people, talking to each other to network with like-minded people. You will see a more corporate culture at the Serviced office as it is a business center with all like-minded people working for the common goal of an organization. 

With these basic differences, the similarity of ease-of-use remains constant. For serviced offices, the organization does not have to take the burden of setting up the space and for the co-working spaces, the individuals do not have to worry. iKeva provides both these places with amenities galore and a way forward to work!