How can Hybrid work increase productivity

Dec 8, 2021 Blogs Co-working space

How can Hybrid work increase productivity

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A hybrid work model is one that combines office work and work from home on a flexible basis. It is one of the fastest growing options to choose for mode of work. This model has successfully merged two polar types and made it suitable to optimize mutual agreement of the individual and the organization. It has innovatively amalgamated elements of both remote working and office working and moulded in a manner that yields benefits for both the parties involved. 


For the organisation, it helps by saving money, time and resources. And redirecting it against discrepancies and distractions towards important goals and milestones to be achieved. A daily office can create chaos and give a hard time to the management to look after trivial matters. Right from power cuts to lack of sanitisation, all matters have to be minutely governed. Another drawback of a full time office is unnecessary expenditure. Especially when the firm is in a saving mode, hiring office  Coworking space in Mumbai is a waste of material and money. The primary reason being ever increasing overhead costs and low RTI. 

However, the second and the more important reason why hybrid work increases productivity deals with employees. Firstly, given the current medical circumstances, few people are willing to go to the office everyday. We are quite apprehensive when it comes to any kind of social contact and wish for the well being of one and all. The pandemic, ironically, has given a boost to hybrid working before which it was not considered everyone’s cup of tea. Owing to the lockdown almost all companies were forcibly converted to online mode overnight. This cleared the fear associated with unconventional modes of working. 

Another reason as to why hybrid working increases productivity is it maintains group cohesiveness at an optimum level. Meeting the same people everyday for years can be a source of office drama and politics. Introverts might have a tough time too. Unhealthy competition and sarcasm at the workplace can hamper focus and breed unproductivity. On the other hand if there is no attachment or communication between the employees, it might lead to disinterest and a feeling of disconnectedness to work. Socialisation at the workplace is linked to a higher level of productivity because it involves problem solving and healthy rivalry besides personal development of employees. 

Autonomy is another reason as to why workers tend to become more productive in hybrid mode of working. They have the liberty to choose between working remotely or visiting the office. This means that more freedom equals more productivity. This holds good for the organisation too. They have access to a larger talent pool. Because gifted people are also distributed away from metro cities and they can comfortably work in a hybrid mode travelling when it is necessary or staying at their residence otherwise. 

Many employees are attracted to hybrid work models. This is because it contributes to a better work life balance. Any disruption in the balance between one’s professional and personal lives is a major source of stress bringing down the productivity level. This in turn hampers the efficiency of the work force and diminishes the work output. When a firm shifts to hybrid working, it brings to stop this vicious cycle proving a silver lining. Therefore there is no second thought in converting to this, be a company of any sector or size. Hybrid is the trend now, hybrid cars, eatables, work model, hybrid home and uncountable others are eloquent examples as to how human creativity has fused two discrete entities into a comprehensive and elaborate one to suit our ever changing needs. 

A hybrid work scaffold works in a two pronged manner. The two prerequisites are absolutely necessary for the proper functioning of the office and prevent any critical irregularities. They are- a virtual office and a proper physical space. Now it would be too illogical to occupy a long term lease for hybrid work, therefore coworking space is indisputably a better alternative. A virtual office can streamline your remote working system, and boost productivity. Visit iKeva now for a perfect hybrid work structure that best suits your needs and demands.