What ‘services’ are included in a serviced offices in Mumbai

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There are several companies across Mumbai which are opting to ditch their leases for several years and adopting the serviced offices in Mumbai for the long list of flexibilities and benefits that they offer in cost-effective packages. In a serviced office, the occupier has the liberty of paying the rental fee flexibly which usually covers all the services, monthly rent, furnishing, unlimited coffee and sometimes beer as well. There are dozens of office services which are
available in the furnished offices in Mumbai and these services are all part of the package and do not need to be paid for separately. Here is a list of the major services which the serviced offices in Mumbai offer to their clientele.

1. A high-speed internet connection– This is the most common and obvious offering of the serviced offices in Mumbai. Most of the serviced offices have dedicated broadband connection which helps the companies operating from the space to be constantly connected. As the cloud facility becomes a crucial part of the working and business/social networking, this facility is inevitable for any company/professional to operate.
2. Meeting space- Although there are several companies which are getting used to working remotely from different locations, the businesses still prefer the importance of working in teams from the same space where they can brainstorm and bond as well. Also, a well-facilitated & convenient space is required for pitching the clients. This is not only that the serviced offices in Mumbai are coming up with dedicated space for meeting, they also offer the advanced presentation technology and Video conferencing facilities.
3. Access to the workspace 24/7- The flexible working methodology is in vogue especially for the startups and that notion of opening the office in between 9-5 slot is gone in the present times. Entrepreneurs and professionals need access to the workspace 24 hours a day and thus many serviced offices in Mumbai are offering this facility to the members. The buildings remain open day and night and the entry can be done through the key card technology for optimum security.
4. Coffee & tea- These caffeinated beverages are like fuel to most of the professionals and gives them a pleasant break in between their highly hectic work schedules. Many of the serviced offices do have a coffee and tea vending machine whereas in some there are outlets of tea/coffee chains who serve tea & coffee to the members of the coworking space.
5. Pantry facilities- There are well-stocked and organized pantries in the serviced furnished offices in Mumbai. There is a dedicated space where there are dining tables & chairs, microwaves, cutlery, and crockery etc. In some places, they also serve snacks and fast foods. This pantry space is being used by all members of the serviced office space and often acts as a great ground for informal business networking and brain-storming.
6. Receptionist facilities- There is nothing like personal interaction. Most of the serviced offices in Mumbai offers receptionist facilities to the businesses operating from the serviced office space. Sometimes they have a dedicated team of receptionists who handles calls for the businesses working from that space. They handle everything right from organizing business networking events to ICT hiccups.
7. Housekeeping and cleaning- There are weekly or daily cleaning services’ fees included in package fee for membership in the furnished offices in Mumbai. The housekeeping team always ensures that your workspace is always spick & span. This is obvious that a clean desk is always a happy desk and this goes without any doubt that it optimizes the productivity level considerably.
8. Fittings & furnishings- The workstations, beanbags and other furniture for your business are already fitted out there in the furnished offices in Mumbai. This is indeed a great news that the startups which usually have shoe-string budgets do not have to shell out big amounts to purchase the required furniture. One can also opt for a decent level of branding in some spaces within the serviced office space. These furnished offices in Mumbai do not at all have the boring generic furniture. Instead, the office spaces are tastefully curated by the top-notch architects in order to match the taste of the upscale outlook.
9. Printing- The color and B&W printing &  photocopy facilities are available in most of the serviced offices in Mumbai. So, the members in a serviced office in Mumbai do not usually face any inconvenience when it comes to printing.

With all the above services in one package in a serviced office in Mumbai, you have all the
reasons to give it a try and witness the difference all by yourself.

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