Once you have accomplished the monumental task of setting up your startup, the next crucial step is to secure investments i.e. attract customers. A great product will attract a great crowd, only if it is marketed well.

Here’s how using digital marketing to secure investments for your startup can be really beneficial.

Light on the pocket; yields results as quick as a rocket
As a startup, you have a limited budget. Make the most of it by using digital marketing. It is way cheaper than traditional marketing like advertising in the newspaper or television. Moreover, digital marketing yields faster results than traditional marketing. With Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing you get paid as soon as a prospective customer clicks on your search engine advertisement.

Ready, steady, SEO!
When people search for a product or service on a search engine, how do you ensure that your startup appears in the first few results? The answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The key is to improve your ranking by search engines. The greater the visibility online, the better the chances will be of obtaining new customers. Here’s how you can improve your SEO and ranking:
• Use optimum keywords (words that people are likely to type while making a search) in your web content.
• Social media presence of your startup ensures followers. The more the followers the more the ranking. Also, followers itself indicate new customers.
• Use of external links from other websites and other websites using your link in their content. This expands your audience reach even more.

Tapping customer aspirations with customer journey mapping
As a startup, it is very necessary to know your customer well. Here’s where customer journey mapping comes to your rescue. From browsing your website to placing the order, what did your customers expect? What problems did they face? – Journey mapping reveals it all. It also helps to predict their behavior so that you can optimize your startup’s content as per their preferences for better appeal.

Social networking to get your startup working
It’s the digital form of door-to-door marketing. As a startup, you need to take your products/ services to your customers to ensure visibility and brand awareness. The best place to find your market in bulk is the social networking sites. These sites also help you interact with your customers on a personal basis. This is an ideal way for rapport building, answering their queries without delay and getting instant feedback.

Influencers – the digital brand ambassadors
Online influencers are the ones who have an expertise in a particular field and are well known for the same in the social media community. Roping them in to promote your startup on their pages will add credibility to your product apart from attracting new customers.
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