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‘Keywords keywords on my screen, who’s the fairest job-seeker you have seen?’ – This is how almost every company or recruiter or HR manager is going through the sea of resumes at the moment. If keywords can increase the visibility of a company’s website, then keywords on your resume are the key to increasing your visibility among recruiters. This has become the norm ever since companies have started using software and Application Tracking Systems (ATS) to sift the useful resumes from the undesirable ones.

These are some tips for using keywords on your resume that will prevent you from missing out on a good job opportunity:

  • Search the job search websites

Job search websites have become one of the main sources of short listing suitable candidates. Check out an array of jobs of your interest in 2 or more such websites. Observe the ‘job description’ section or the ‘key responsibilities area’ section of all these jobs. Make a list of all the keywords that have been repeatedly used and incorporate them in your resume.

  • Customize your keywords

If you are sending your resume to different companies individually, tailor your resume for each organization by using keywords that are relevant to them. Go to the company’s ‘Overview’ section on their website. Notice how they identify themselves, their employees and their work culture. Incorporate those keywords into your resume that capture their essence. This similarity increases your eligibility for being selected.

  • Specific is terrific

Instead of saying “good at video editing skills”, it’s better if you say, “proficient at using video editing software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.”  Field buzzwords and work-related jargons (job titles, positions, tools used, etc.) do not only reflect your subject knowledge but also serve as keywords that ATSs may use while scanning your resume. Always use acronyms and abbreviations along with their full forms because you never know as to which of the two is being used the keyword.

  • Scattered v/s accumulated

Spread your keywords throughout your resume. Don’t just limit them to the ‘Skills and Abilities’ section. Incorporate the keywords even in sections like credentials, qualifications, past experience, career objectives, hobbies, etc.

  • How much is too much

Using a keyword more than 3 times can be as harmful as using the keyword only once. ATSs and Talent Management Systems are smarter than you think. They do have the ability to detect and reject resumes that are overfilled with keywords. Also, don’t squeeze in keywords unnecessarily without any context. The software might give you a yellow signal but ultimately it’s the HR professional who has to give a green signal. He/ she can easily spot your attempt at overdoing the keywords and can reject your resume.

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