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Women Entrepreneurs In The 21st Century

Women Entrepreneurs

In the last 20 years, we have seen women emphatically taking their place in the growing economy. Female entrepreneurship is […]

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Tips & Tools that can help you out to manage your freelancers


The freelancer market is assuming control over the eventual fate of work. Outsourcing gives organizations a more prominent pool of […]

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Coworking Space in Mumbai: The Perfect Start-up Fertilize

Co-Working Space Gurgaon

A current global trend, that has fast caught up in India too, is the emergence of start-ups all around us. […]

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The Rise of Coworking Economy

Co-Working Spaces

Every one of us from the corporate world is aware of the rapidly trending coworking phenomenon. It is happening globally […]

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Business Plans for Startups and How Coworking can Mould it in the Best Shape

Office Space iKeva

The various inspiring case studies on the startups reveal that the startups are started with funding from different sources. Some […]

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Differences between Incubators & Coworking Explained

Co-Working Space Gurgaon

Most of the times, we use coworking spaces and incubators as synonyms but there are certain differences between the two. […]

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Beginners Guide for Hiring the First Coworking Office

Co-Working Space Bangalore

If you’re planning to hire a coworking office for the first time, you should ensure that it is one of […]

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Ways Coworking Creates a Thriving Work Atmosphere

Meeting Room Etiquettes

Coworking spaces have gained immense popularity in recent years as they allow both groups & individuals to control their surroundings […]

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Co-Working Space

HOW DOES COWORKING HELP IN THIS? Are you an independent professional or a start-up and are worried about where’s your […]

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iKeva Community Building

“Co” means joint or collective. Similarly, co-working happens when a furnished office space is given on hire to multiple individual […]

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