Time is a crucial factor while building a brand or business on your own. Managing multiple things is quite a daunting task when you are making decisions on the fly. As entrepreneurs, one must play multiple roles such as boss, strategist, planner etc. Handling multiple roles can be challenging to play all the time. The value of time is precious. With 24 hours, optimal usage of every second becomes crucial especially when you are trying to scale growth for your enterprise. It’s not the time but the attitude of the businessmen and creative ways to manage is the deciding factor. So, let’s take a look at effective time management tips for entrepreneurs. If entrepreneurs are using coworking space, then you can use the facility for your benefit to save time.

Technology Aid

Using technology for follow up is another smart way of being on top of things. A popular one in use is Google calendar. The features in Google Calendar makes it easier to organize your day. The list of tasks with time frames will make multi-tasking look easier.

The Prioritization and Delegation of tasks

Setting priorities for tasks is vital. Saying ‘No’ to the things that you can delegate to others is one of the examples of prioritizing tasks. The delegation can be done to one of the team members or a live receptionist in a coworking space. The trained customer care professional can take care of daily routine and relieve you to focus on your work. The tasks that need complete focus and attention of yours are the ones that will occupy the highest priority in an entrepreneur’s day.

Time Audit

Auditing is not restricted to accounts only but can be done for a time also. Entrepreneurs can conduct a time audit on their daily tasks. This auditing will identify the potential drain areas. These potential drain areas include social media usage and phone usage. These activities can be listed in daily tasks and prioritized. If the tasks get listed in low priority then they can very well be discarded from daily routine.  The saved time portion will give a glimpse of saved time. Entrepreneurs can plan to spend the saved time productively by setting a priority task for that duration.

Office Space Selection

Choosing real estate for building your office or renting an open space takes a lot of your time and money investment. On the contrary, a coworking space comes fully furnished and saves not just your money but a lot of your time. Coworking spaces in Mumbai are mostly plug-and-play. The agreements are just a matter of a few hours and one can just take their PCs and start working. Coworking spaces are a clever way of choosing one’s office space.

Automation in daily life

Working smart is the way to progress today.  The market is flooded with several management applications. Entrepreneurs can take help of available time management applications.  These time management applications aid in prioritizing your tasks and also to streamline them to work productively.

Entrepreneurs need to raise invoices, handle contracts, and proposals in their work daily. The automation applications like Hello Bonsai will save a lot of time and effort. Such applications usually also handle freelance invoices and payments. The application keeps track of expenses and manages leads and clients for entrepreneurs. It’s the basic nature of entrepreneurs to manage time efficiently.

Above are a few time-management tips for entrepreneurs. If you are looking for the comfort of the office with flexibility then coworking spaces fit the bill. iKeva provides coworking spaces and virtual offices in Bangalore and Hyderabad. The coworking spaces provide entrepreneurs with all amenities to work in comfort without hassles.

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