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How iKeva Is Supporting Clients During These Trying Times

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The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted businesses and shut down offices, causing economic fluctuations and decline. Investing in estates and large offices is an unstable option in these trying times. iKeva is passionate about helping clients and entrepreneurs during these adverse conditions by providing co-working spaces and remote services to help them uphold their business standards in a cost-efficient manner.

Following the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, the work from home lifestyle has proven to be a viable option to carry on in the future. By investing in shared office spaces and virtual offices, companies can increase employee productivity and economic sustainability. iKeva offers a wide range of services to help clients bounce back during these challenging financial situations.

1) Remote Offerings

We enable clients to work remotely without compromising quality by offering virtual offices and home offices. This helps employees to not only work from anywhere but also at any time.

• Virtual Offices

Virtual offices permit entrepreneurs to work remotely while enjoying the perks of having a business address and a receptionist. Investing in virtual offices ensures that the client benefits from a professional space that includes a mailing address and a live reception to carry out business transactions and meetings. This enables companies to uphold their standards while working in a remote environment.

2) Physical Estate Offerings

While remote working is a viable option, physical interactions play a crucial role in efficiently working. We offer coworking spaces, team offices, and meeting rooms in the short-term and long-term to ensure working efficiently.

• Coworking spaces

iKeva offers a wide range of shared office spaces in different cities that help companies work together without investing in a large office space. These furnished office spaces allow employees of different companies to work together under one building while enjoying the benefits of a common recreational space and a private office.

• Team Offices

Team offices can be rent for a short or longer duration to conduct occasional meetings and work plans. This helps in keeping up the morale as well as increasing productivity. By investing in team offices, companies have a space to regroup occasionally without making any permanent investments.

• Meeting Rooms

Be it working remotely or on location, meetings are a part of every business. Meeting rooms allow clients to work remotely and make use of spaces to conduct meetings when necessary. It gives them the perks of official meeting rooms without having to make any long term investment. This is a cost-efficient way to create a professional workspace.

With the ongoing pandemic and recession, iKeva is focused on providing clients with services that will ease their burden and ensure better functioning. The key benefits offered to support this are:

• Cost Efficiency

iKeva’s services ensure cost savings to all clients. The services are offered at a reduced price which is very affordable and provides high-quality service. Investing in coworking spaces and other leased spaces are much more cost-efficient than opting for larger office spaces.

• Sanitized and Healthy Atmosphere

Health concerns have escalated following the pandemic, and iKeva understands the importance of maintaining a healthy workplace at such times. All office spaces under iKeva are regularly sanitized, and employees follow strict COVID-19 guidelines to ensure all clients’ safety.

• Improved Work Culture

Investing in coworking spaces and remote offices dispel toxic competition among employees, improving the workplace atmosphere. This creates a ground for improved efficiency and better performance that will directly affect a company’s economic growth.

The main concerns iKeva addresses and tackles are the issue of economy and health. By providing cost-efficient working spaces and virtual office option, iKeva ensures that clients save money and ensure economic sustainability. Following stringent health and sanitation procedures help create a safe environment for people to work in. This also helps in positively boosting employees’ mental and professional performance. Through these services and benefits, iKeva is working on supporting and helping clients during these tough times.