A Healthy Workplace Leads to a Healthy Balance Sheet

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With increasing awareness of fitness, these days it is essential to find significant ways of keeping up a fit and healthy lifestyle. Especially when the daily routines are super busy and people spend most of their time sitting in front of the work screen. Working professionals try to balance this by eating less while it should be exercise that needs to be prioritized. There are many simple things that we can do in our workspaces to make this feasible without much required funds. There’s no doubt that a healthy, happy workplace makes up for a productive team. So let’s find out some amusing ideas to maintain a healthy and fun environment at your workspace:

Promote Smarter Snacking

Promote healthy and hygienic meals by hosting potlucks. Host it once a week at work to encourage your coworkers to consume healthy and nutritious dishes from home and share them together. This is a good initiative to let your employees be on the healthy food routine. Also, instead of stocking up the pantry with fried and fatty crisps and snacks, you can try filling it up with healthy bites, dry fruits, fruits and more. You might have to make some extra effort with the care free eaters but once you do inculcate the habit of eating healthy, you would have a healthy and happy work space which would help you boost the productivity in the long run. Plus it would save you hundreds and thousands of rupees in terms of health insurance funds.

Slash the Meeting Room Custom

Make sure while at work, your coworkers don’t remain inactive and deskbound. One way to ensure this is to break the norm of sitting during meetings. Bring in the concept of stand-up meetings and do away with the conventional sit-down meeting style. This is sure shot way to boost up the energy levels and focus in your coworkers as standing helps release endorphins. Eventually, do take the opportunity to initiate a walking meeting when it’s a one-on-one. if you get this right, you can definitely expect  to attain dual success in terms of health and productivity at your shared workspace.

Start a weekly workout session

According to a study, regular yoga and meditation practices cuts down stress levels by at least 10 percent and significantly perks up sleeping patterns. Low stress levels equals to a more dynamic team. You can also include physical activities like running, stepping, swimming workouts – it could be anything that appeals to your team. You may either hire an instructor or could ask a gym buff in your team to conduct workout sessions once a week.

Allow Napping at Work

Arrange for a napping room at your workspace where your coworkers are free to doze off when they want to rest and relax. This is a great way to help them recharge their energy and creativity to produce better results. The napping room can be booked like a meeting room with no limited hours. Don’t worry on being too lenient with your coworkers as you may have no issue on their sleeping time as long as your deadlines are met. Offer this amazing option and trust to see better efficiency.  Short power naps have proven to be more successful than the sips of caffeine as it boosts productivity by at least 36 percent.

A healthy workforce can demonstrate corporate responsibility. If you look after your employees, as well as the wider society, your business is likely to have a more positive public image. Your workspace not only expects you to have high standards of health, safety and well being, but also be socially responsible.

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