Mature and evolved organizations recognize that employee engagement activities aren’t a poor use of time and resources. Executed well, they can be precisely the opposite. The relationship between the company and the employee isn’t limited to just paychecks, of course. By skipping focus on engagement, organizations can lose significant value in the long term.

Employee engagement is a reflection of how committed a workforce feels towards their jobs. It’s not just about employee satisfaction, but the willingness of an employee to go beyond the bare minimum expected of them. Engaged employees consider themselves an integral part of their organization, and believe their goals and aspirations align with that of the company.

Engagement activities are not just fun and games. They are about making employees feel valued, like involving them in the planning process or encouraging upward communication between employees and managers. Activities can also be about creating a learning experience, like coaching them for managerial positions or organizing upskilling workshops and seminars. These activities add more value to organizations than meets the eye. They drive performance and productivity and lead to higher employee satisfaction. Here, we discuss a few advantages in detail:

Higher Productivity

Engagement activities significantly contribute to job positivity. This, in turn, leads to higher commitment levels, and a workforce that puts in their best efforts to boost performance. When employees believe that they are valued, they are far more likely to reciprocate by leaving no stone unturned to give their best.

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Improved Profitability

Naturally, when employees are more productive, quality work is to be expected. Through engagement activities, employees can feel more recognized, encouraged with positive interactions with customers and willing to work for improved feedback. Positive engagement implies happier customers too. Satisfied customers, are, of course, a universal business goal, leading to improved customer relations and generating long-term business leads.

Lower Absenteeism

The results of job positivity should logically reflect in lower absenteeism. Engaged employees are likely to feel a greater sense of responsibility in their roles, and less likely to take frivolous leaves. They will be cautious about their work and won’t do anything to derail the company from its objectives.

Higher Employee Retention

Constant employee turnover can run up huge costs. Day-to-day functioning is impacted, with the recruitment process being time-consuming, as well as costly. Not surprisingly, organizations work hard to retain employees for a longer time via a range of strategies – from incentives to positive work culture, and more.

A crucial item organization can focus on to increase loyalty are engagement activities. These activities are an opportunity for employees to connect with the organization and align with its vision. When the workforce recognizes that the organization can fully leverage their potential and give them ample opportunities to grow, incentives to explore elsewhere are naturally lowered. Being the hub for IT industries, most of the coworking spaces in Bangalore give priority to employee engagement. This works great for other coworking as well.


Engaged employees will strive to work in a more innovative manner and take up challenging tasks. They may constantly set higher targets for themselves, even at the cost of higher workload. They will be more open to taking new responsibilities, and also embracing any changes that occur.

Culture Building

Engagement activities are also an easy way to encourage communication among employees. This is usually challenging in hectic workplaces, where employees are unlikely to have much bandwidth. Such activities, by offering an opportunity to interact more meaningfully with colleagues, create a thriving culture and sense of community in the workplace. Improvements should be visible in interpersonal skills of the employees as well.

Organizations don’t necessarily need to invest considerable resources on these initiatives – they can rely on coworking spaces in Bangalore which organize such activities on a regular basis. One such space is iKeva, with its regularly hosted town halls and events for the employees of the organizations it houses. The objective here is to improve interaction and ease new employees into their teams.

The key to the success of the organization lies in the hands of the most productive asset of the company – its employees, which some may tend to ignore. By investing in employee engagement activities, organizations can get immeasurable benefits in the long run.

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