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Shared Offices Are A Thriving Breeding Ground For Networking

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Ever since the word ‘coworking’ was coined by the American game designer, Bernard De Koven in 1999, the term has somehow empowered the working class. Shared office spaces are the materialization of the widely preached “working together as equals” phrase. These embody the concept of working independently but together. Shared office spaces, unlike the traditional office spaces, do not have isolated structures demarcating the stringent hierarchy. Coworking spaces have allowed for collaborative work as well as the opportunity to undertake individual projects.

The trend of demographic shifting from traditional 9-5 jobs to independent work contractors and freelancers has been on the rise. With this, there has been a rise in the adoption of shared office spaces. Since the first half of 2017 to the latter half of 2018, rapid market changes show that the land leased by co-working firms has grown three times. It is a significant feat considering the relatively small interval of time. Additionally, with freelancers who share common values gathering under one roof, shared offices become a thriving breeding ground for networking.

John McGann, the founder of the work club Nutopia, once said, “It’s the community that brings value, not the resources or type of desk. If you are around 20 other people who are working, there is a buzz, energy that inspires you. If you put up the walls, there is no point. Why are people in the same space?”

Interaction is the daily norm in coworking spaces

Interaction has been the food for growth for humans. Conversation can be a great source of support, feedback, insight, resources and information. In a coworking space, interaction with others comes as easy as breathing.

Let’s consider the case of a freelance writer who is often required to don different roles in an effort to produce effective content – that of a researcher, an editor, and often even an SEO expert. Freelance writers often find themselves using coworking spaces in an attempt to attain the right mindset and networks at their workplace. In addition to the atmosphere, these spaces provide accessibility to people from varied professions, opening up possibilities for new sources of inspiration and motivation.

In the long term, regular interactions can lead to the formation of strong relations between coworkers which may ultimately formulate into mutually beneficial partnerships.

Effective Ideas To Bond With Other Co-Workers In A Coworking Space

Collaborative work but a non-competitive approach

 Shared office spaces house professionals with different professional and educational backgrounds. While their expertise may be limited to a single field, their work as often is the case these days, might be related to other fields. Achieving individual goals then, can often require collaboration with others. Shared office spaces in Bangalore are better positioned to fulfill this need than any other alternative. ‘Pay it forward’ is the mantra when you are part of such a community. By assisting others, there’s room for everyone to build healthy relations and networks, which work to our own benefit as well, both in the professional and personal sense.

Easy exchange of insight and ideas coupled with a minimal pressure environment allows for effective networking in a shared workspace. Many organizations would agree that this need ranks fairly high up in their priorities.

Choosing The Right Space To Start Building Your Future

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