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Tackle Office Politics with Ease

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Work can be fun, provided that the people you’re working with are affable. However, more often than not this is not the case. Because of a certain few, work becomes a living nightmare. Be it the unpleasant boss or the nagging co-worker. Or if you’re in a shared office space, putting up with people from other organisations can become quite the task. But here’s the catch. Listen closely. There’s always a workaround to deal with office politics. So here’s a list of can-be-done’s to tackle such scenarios instead of becoming a victim all the time:

  1. A shared office space brings together people with different worldviews. Some will be a joy to work with, while others might not. This will not be a let-down if you choose to ignore the downsides of certain individuals and work with them keeping in mind their positives.
  2. Due to internal competition, your colleagues might be unwilling to lend you a helping hand. A shared office space could be a great relief with people from different organisations and skill sets providing their resources.
  3. Remember. Your boss is only your boss. Not your mate’s who’s sitting at the next desk. When there is a conflict within the organisation you work for, others could easily come to your rescue.
  4. Post work hours, you and your mates from the other side of the room can sit and work on improving your respective networks and other dynamics of climbing the career ladder!
  5. At the end of the day, you may be working for several organisations, but you all make one big family. Could you think of having such a diverse mind-space in an otherwise mainstream office?
  6. Talk of grapevine, and it gets even more interesting!
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