Date    :   17th November 2016

Time   :    03:30 pm to 04:30 pm

Venue :    iKeva, Hitec City.


This meetup aims to unravel

  • The success stories and challenges faced by the founder, Mr. Mahek Shah, in creating this app.
  • Technology stack behind the most successful Swachh Bharat App, a Smart-phone powered Governance app, powering 100’s of success stories across the country.
  • The automations that enable it to reach out to appropriate authorities.

PS: This meetup is for each one of those who wants to leverage technology and is aiming to create a sustainable impact for nation building. You could be a tech geek/social activist/writer/poet/politician/teacher and anything under the sun. As long as the Swachh Bharat movement fascinates you, you are welcome to attend this meetup. There are no pre-requisites to attend the meetup.

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