How to get a mentor for your career?

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Well! Are you looking forward to having a mentor who could trace your career path? Often, career aspirants look forward to hiring mentors who could coach them and help them to reach their goals. Coaching and mentoring are two similar activities which helps both, the coach or the mentor as well as the mentee to realize their full potential. But, a million-dollar question is, ‘How to find the right mentor for yourself?’ The only solution to this concern is networking as much as you can. Networking enables you to get in touch with the right people and finding the right mentor for yourself.

Thanks to these upcoming coworking spaces which enables you to strike the right note of energy and also synergises your efforts by working with like-minded people.  Co-working offices provide a great opportunity to build network with valuable resources of professionals who could turn out to be the potential contacts. And, you never know when you just end up having the right mentor? Here’s how networking go hand in hand at shared office spaces:
Meeting new professionals
You surely get to meet people who are like minded and are from different laterals and verticals. These people generally are small business owners too who hire shared offices to get the required resources and to get formal business address for their operations. Networking, flexibility, value for money, formal work environment and administrative support is all that comes to your kitty at once.

Sharing the same resources

Small businesses often hire coworking spaces to conduct small meetings, conferences, etc. Often, business owners get to find people from same collaterals and can take their businesses to next level by building up formal associations and making use of them. Similarly, solopreneurs can easily tie up with individuals who could help them grow further and carve their own niche.

Modern Approach

Gone are the days of traditional offices with huge cubicles which would give opportunities to communicate and unwind only near the water coolers. These modern coworking spaces throw immense opportunities to mingle with people around and find out what they are into. Moreover, there are conference rooms and meeting rooms available to discuss any new creative ideas that come with communicating with people around.

Workplace for creators

Coworking places are workplaces for the growing network of global creators. If you have any talent or skill or an idea that you want to bring into force, then coworking spaces can surely be the trusted medium for you. These plug and play offices are availed by creative aspirants who respect their flexibility and talent and want to harness it the right way.

Our community has plenty of people who love to ideate and experiment and most of them are often found working on platforms like co-working spaces. So, why not make the best use of opportunity by exploring like-minded community of people who are interested in matching the synergies of the social spaces.