A typical day in a plug and play office

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“ Ramya woke up, prepared for pre-ablutions and suited up for her yoga class. She came back and quickly made some scrambled egg and packed some sandwiches for her lunch, easy option for any working woman. She ignited her car engine and paced to head to her workplace. Her workplace had 120 other colleagues. Interestingly, they were all from different companies. They are not contract employees, they are their very own permanent associate of a company.

Ramya loved the fact that her company was in the midst of a diverse neighborhood, under one roof. She enjoyed her hot, caffeine shots with a stranger on the floor as well as six other people who worked with her in a startup. She felt that she belonged to a larger universe with the energy that she derived out of the space, engagement activities, networking possibilities and endless opportunities. This ‘enhanced mindset’ was possible because her startup chose a plug and play office.”

A plug and play office space brings lot more vibrancy than what you just read. A typical day at a plug and play workspace involves not just running a facility but a lot more.

Starts with a smile

Your day starts with a smile from the receptionist who takes your calls all round the day and who manages your courier and mail box. While she coordinates with her team to ensure that your office is spic and span, your housekeeping staff replenishes the pantry for your day’s first sip of a hot beverage.

Busy with calls and meetings

Your meetings rooms and corridors are immaculate to welcome your guests and employees into a pleasant work environment. The heat and stress is cast away ensuring that you don’t encounter the hassles of running an office space. Meeting rooms are well equipped for your guests to quickly plug into the Wi-Fi and get started with the point of discussion while they sip their coffee or tea, served by the pantry champion.

Roll up your sleeves to crack the code

It could be a service delivery model or a new product altogether; get steady and ready to deliver your promise seamlessly with your network and IT systems buffed and in place. Let your team focus on what they have to before they get dragged into unnecessary IT hassles.

Break !!

Yes, a very important and needed time of your day. After reaching the peak of your day’s noise, you need to jolt your knuckles and step out for lunch, in a vibrant area meant for it. Grab some knick-knacks and munch while you complete your meal.

Event or Game round the corner

If it is a special day, then you also get to witness a carrom, chess or pictionary tournament with leagues formed on their own. Or watch out for stall in the common, with volunteers who are there to bring awareness about a crucial topic needed for humanity.

Close to-dos and hand off

While you retire on a work day, step back and see if the energy has dropped. Doesn’t look like. You get to carry the energy back home with joy; you have a discount coupon for groceries or a free ride back home. You never know which exclusive offer awaits you that would save some pennies.
A day at a plug and play office could get a lot more exciting. Stay tuned and watch out for constant updates on our blog. https://www.ikeva.com/community/blog/



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