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How To De-stress Yourself At Coworking Spaces

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The concept of coworking spaces has found its way into the mainstream. Businesses globally are availing their services to find themselves in crowded and noisy work environments. Apart from the obvious merits of using coworking spaces, one also has to keep in mind that getting stressed in these environments is easier than it seems. After all, they are offices. It is widely accepted that stress poses a threat to the physical and mental wellbeing of an employee, but there is barely any awareness about workplace stress and its adverse effects from both business and personal perspectives.

Here are some ways we could tackle workspace stress:

Health first

Undeniably, taking care of your general health is the first and foremost requirement for better performance. Get adequate quality sleep, eat healthy and nutritious foods, exercise regularly and you are good to go. Not following a healthy lifestyle leads to a higher risk of being stressed consistently at work. There have been numerous studies stating that having a healthy lifestyle significantly reduces stress in one’s career.


Perhaps the best aspect of coworking space is that fundamentally different people work under the same roof stimulating networking potential and collaboration. Forming close bonds and /or becoming acquaintances with coworkers and hanging out with them from time to time on any workday can work as a stressbuster in the most unexpected of times. Taking advantage of the diverse community of professionals can help with new perspectives and ideas or can instill simply a sense of belonging which is essential for one’s wellbeing in workspaces.

Certain office space providers also host light-hearted events for better networking and socialization of professionals and companies working with them, which can be helpful for people to form new friends and acquaintances to make every day less stressful.

What makes events in coworking space special?


Prioritizing work so that it can be approached in an organized manner makes it significantly easier to complete it efficiently. This goes a long way as piled up work can make you fear its completion which is one of the main causes of stress in offices. Organizing and making checklists helps you keep track of your progress and work status so that you can easily score them off the list and feel better and more motivated about yourself.

Take time off

Of course, sometimes even after doing everything right, your workload could get overwhelming with no signs of a fix. At such times, you need to take some time off to unwind and relax, maybe do something fun so that you get back to your optimum mental state. To assist with this, modern coworking spaces have built-in recreational spaces for just the same! With facilities like game rooms, lounges, Televisions, and even yoga rooms, you can surely find a way to unwind right where you work. Not only do they help with productivity and your wellbeing, but they also ensure you feel like coming in and working the next day.

Take things easy

Another major cause of workplace stress is our own attitude. Being a perfectionist, or hard on ourselves over insignificant mistakes, can enforce stress to take over our bodies and lower happiness levels. The solution is obvious, don’t try to be perfect and beat yourself up all the time. Don’t sweat errors, rather look at them objectively and consider ways of fixing them.

The magnitude of the impact of stress on the workforce is often understated. Stress is something that is not openly talked about among colleagues and certainly not with the higher-ups. Once this is realized and tackled, it becomes easier to identify problems and work with them. Many coworking spaces try to provide the best and most stress-free environments today, and among them is iKeva – which provides industry-leading facilities in the country – from ambient workspaces to recreation facilities.

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