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5 Ways To Cultivate A More Vibrant Coworking Community

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Coworking has risen to become a trend in the corporate world lately. With many businesses adapting to the coworking culture, the sector has grown significantly over the last 5 years. Not just small businesses and startups, even major companies are finding these coworking spaces to be immensely beneficial in terms of costs and facilities. High-quality facilities from speedy internet connections to reception services, coworking spaces seem to be at the top of their game right now.

In that context, here are 5 things one could do to cultivate a vibrant community in your workspace.

1. Ensure basic amenities of high quality

There’s nothing more dissatisfying than having to use substandard equipment or amenities at your workplace. This often leads to an increase in job dissatisfaction, which naturally leads to low productivity levels and an atmosphere of disappointment. Ensure your internet connectivity is stable and fast, make sure the pantry is always stocked up, the coffee machines working perfectly, and those tech accessories are always functional. These are the bare basics.

2. Organize collaborative activities

One of the primary perks of using a coworking space is networking. Enhancing the networking experience by organizing collaborative activities only increases the credibility and value on offer from the workspace provider. With an increasing number of companies recognizing this network as a high priority, this is now becoming a standout feature amongst coworking spaces. Activities like small fun projects, or team-building exercises can really go a long way. There is plenty of room for experimentation or setting up routines where diverse groups can gel with one other, enhancing the overall experience and output. With 6 coworking spaces in Hyderabad and many others across India, iKeva organizes a lot of such engaging activities in its communities.

3. Customize interiors to optimize productivity

The workspace environment largely defines the kind of work and output it’ll deliver. By making the workspace more comfortable and inviting, overall work efficiency can be increased leading to a more productive community with a drive for work. Small changes like adding warm colors, changing interiors regularly, and the use of room fresheners can work wonders on the overall satisfaction and productivity of a coworking community.

4. Encourage event participation

As we just discussed above, events remain a major aspect of collaborative work structure and networking. They can be crucial to ensuring smooth workflow and job satisfaction. Small things like appreciation awards, a free lounge day, or simply celebrating holidays can do a lot to encourage one’s participation in such events by making the overall experience more comfortable.

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5. Focus on building a collaborative culture

There are numerous ways to ensure collaboration in coworking spaces, from seating arrangements to departmental segregation, these can help build a collaborative community where each person feels comfortable interacting with people from different companies or businesses and stands to benefit from these interactions. By setting up different facilities that are unique to a particular department such as accounting and sales can increase the overall productivity of the employees where they may even get to learn from one another. A strong team where everyone is supportive of each other regardless of the employer may seem unlikely but is actually much easier to achieve.

From a community perspective, there’s plenty of room to take the coworking game to new levels, and truly bring about an ideal coworking experience. At iKeva, we’re glad to be leading the charge.

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