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What Are A Customer’s Expectations from A Coworking Space?

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Coworking means different to different people. For some, it can be a place of productivity and for others a place with a clatter. The expectations of a freelancer and employees of an MNC can vary to a great degree. However, for all working in plug and play comes with expectations. The coworking trend has gained momentum over the past few years and is set to revolutionize the real estate market in commercial space. Just like the hospitality of hotels is essential in building customer loyalty, services and amenities in a coworking space in Hyderabad along with hospitality is the determining factor in making or breaking the venture’s name. The following are some expectations that a customer has from a shared workspace:

IT support

The routine of carrying heavy bags and gadgets to the office can be tiresome. The ease of just sitting in your chair and having everything ready on the table, right from a laptop to printer with high-speed internet and an uninterrupted electric supply is something a customer expects. If these are all fulfilled, the frustration and stress of employees is reduced to half. Without proper IT support, all the perks of coworking space go in vain. Almost all the work and tasks today are fulfilled over the internet and disturbed and inconsistent tech support may repel customers. An IT support with less turnaround time is what a customer expects more from a coworking space.

Services and amenities

The employees spend a major share of their time in the shared office space. Therefore they also have a few expectations like good hospitality and amenities include proper lighting, ventilation, enough space to avoid congestion, cleanliness and well-sanitized surroundings. To enable and retain focus on tasks,  a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere is necessary. A separate dining area must be arranged for people who want to take a break. On complimentary terms, a good interior design, comfortable furniture, ergonomic chairs, and inclusion of energetic and wild décor including greenery can be beneficial. Services like responsive and responsible receptionists can attract new customers while fulfilling the expectations of existing ones.

Community cohesiveness

It is not surprising that many people opt for coworking spaces because it has the potential of becoming a social hub. Professionals can make and multiply their contacts. Coworking becomes an opportunity for employees to interact, help and learn from each other. It also enhances one’s social skills and builds confidence. The intangible benefits of coworking include overall personality development. Customers expect that the coworking spaces create this we-feeling because it becomes not only a workplace but a place of socializing and celebrating. The plug and play office space must arrange for weekends fun activities and celebration of occasions so as to knit the team closer and induce a feeling of togetherness. Events may also include training sessions, skills development programs, start-up events etc. and sessions on personality development. It must not only enhance the skill sets of coworkers but also build a good name for the company. Therefore, what a customer expects in a coworking space is coworking indeed.

Encouraging productivity

The sole motive of enrolling at a shared office space is to boost the productivity and work output of individuals. This can be materialized with the help of tools like ambiance, interiors, fun and others depending on the employees. Besides, the interaction with like-minded individuals, calming your mind by participating in the fun events, attending fun and knowledge filled events/sessions would all contribute to productivity.

Tailored packages

The needs of all coworkers are poles apart. Some of them may require more services than others. The flexibility of choosing from an array of alternatives must be available to the customers so that none of your services remain unused. A freelancer would prefer a combination of virtual and in-office space however, a solopreneur would require only coworking space. At last, when you give more elasticity to customers, this autonomy is what keeps them reliant on you.

Finally, fulfilling the customer’s expectations are of the utmost importance in determining the success or failure of a coworking space. Only when the coworker’s expectations are fulfilled, the prospect of the venture fulfills. What basically customers need from a coworking space is befitting services that are at par with the conventional offices at a lower price. Affordability is what attracts the clients and good service is what keeps them. A coworking space like iKeva makes sure it meets the oscillating requirements of all its assorted clientele.