Why Big Companies are increasingly adopting Serviced Office Spaces

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Serviced offices do possess a reputation of being suitable only for the small businesses and freelancers but in the recent years, more and more big corporations are witnessed to increasingly adopt the serviced office spaces due to the several benefits attached with them.  The serviced office space for rent is not a very new concept as these office spaces have already proven to be a dynamic place for conducting businesses of various natures and at the same time very cost-effective. There have been several recent surveys which have been conducted on the serviced offices in India and the results very strongly indicate that the serviced office spaces are desirable and viable for larger companies too.

Major reasons why the big companies are adopting serviced office spaces

  1. Collaborative technology– Serviced office spaces for rent are designed in an effective manner that focuses on supporting the work style of the professionals/employees. These offices are a heady mix of curated experiences and advanced technology blended and delivered within them. The big companies are looking for high-speed connectivity, high quality, reliability and covetable products in their workspaces. Thus, serviced office spaces are gradually becoming their top choice because of the unmatched facilities, great location, flexibilities involved and cost-effectiveness.
  2. Workplace flexibility– The serviced office spaces can be flexibly adopted by the users as compared to the traditional offices. The gen-next serviced offices have state-of-art infrastructure having several modern facilities like pedal-table, treadmill workstations, mobile vans, integrated desks with virtual assistance and several smart sensing technologies which redefine the overall concept of work flexibility in the workspaces.
  3. Virtual workspaces are becoming a norm in several big companies– Till now we used to define workspaces as either ‘physical’ or ‘virtual’ but with the advent of digitization; it is presently transforming the overall way of working across several dimensions. The virtual workplace is indeed becoming an effective way to work and the advanced VR technology is presently playing an instrumental role in conducting the virtual meetings which save a considerable amount of time, resources and effort. Thus, the serviced offices which provide the advanced VR technology are high in demand as the big companies are saving a lot of their time, money and resources by utilizing the VR technology in the serviced office spaces.
  4. Workplace design is taking precedence– The workspace design and ergonomics are taken care of in the serviced office spaces which are fulfilling the functional requirements of the employees/professionals. This, in turn, influences the overall productivity of the serviced office users. The present time is already witnessing a major chunk of the workforce to be innovation-driven. Thus, the big companies are proactively looking for modern serviced offices in order to appeal and protect the interest of the GenX workforce. The various researchers reveal that an ergonomically designed serviced workspace is very influential in creating a positive difference in the overall attitude of the workers and also inspires the employees to be efficient and passionate about their job. The overall aim of the big companies looking forward towards the future is to blur the demarcations of workspace, entertainment space and living space in relation to the central business districts, buildings & cities eventually creating the most dynamic future workspaces.

The serviced office spaces with professional reception services are already high in demand and there are several takers which are big companies.  The trendy, tech-enabled and transformative serviced offices are especially a craze amongst the millennials.