The number of small enterprises and start-ups is rapidly growing. With this, the demand for workspace and for creative work environments is rising quickly. A majority of the companies started recently are highly innovative technological start-ups or creative works like media agencies, social media marketing or advertising agencies. As real estate is increasingly becoming a commodity, and with start-ups focussing on better utilizing capital, the need for shared workspaces is high.

Here are five things you should be doing to optimize your co-working space.

Furnish and Supply:

Structure is a vital part of any office. The way an office is structured can affect everything from productivity, to workflow and creativity. Your office sets the tone of your workspace. These are just a few of the things to keep in mind when furnishing your workspace. Make sure you have absolutely everything you need to keep your office running. Choose your furniture depending on the type of work atmosphere you need. As an example, if your office is meant to be a creative, energetic and happy workplace, choose bright colours and warm lighting, with comfortable chairs that one can sink into while working. Coworking spaces in Hyderabad, Bangalore and other metropolitan cities will have multiple designs that suit various industries.

Another important facet is resources. Resources matter, especially in a shared workspace. Your workspace will need enough office supplies and anything else that is required in a modern office in ample supply. Essentials like charging points, internet access, and access to stationery are all necessary.

The Nerve Center:

A shared office is meant to boost creativity and, what better way to do it than with a brainstorming session? Having a dedicated space where you can gather your team and brainstorm is essential to success. In co-working spaces, the need for a “nerve centre” or a place meant for brainstorming is immensely important. For one, it gives you and your team a place to think and discuss in peace. As a second point, it allows you to carry out your meetings without disturbing the people you share your office with. On occasion, you can even invite them to join in your discussions!

Scrum Mastery:

The secret behind the success of most creative teams is the scrum; a regularly held meeting meant to discuss the things of importance happening in your business. Holding a regular scrum, whether daily or weekly serves as a reminder of goals, allows you to establish objectives for you and your team and, on top of it all and lets you know where you stand in your business.

Open The Floor:

Contrary to most office spaces that are divided by cubicles, co-working spaces flourish better when they have more room, or at least the appearance of more. Cubicles are generally considered stifling, cramped spaces. So, open up the floor of your co-working space with interspersed furniture. This helps create a feeling of togetherness and removes the feeling of separation that working from a cubicle causes. Having an open office floor boosts creativity, team spirit and allows for more open communication with the people you are working with.

Grub and Glug [OR] Food values:

In any office, break time is valued highly. It allows people to wind down from a day’s hard work, catch up on other concerns or just spend the time getting in touch with friends. One of the most important things for any break is food. Having a well-stocked and equipped break room is vital. Here, your employees can interact with their co-workers during the break over a small bite to eat. This helps boost camaraderie in the office as well as providing a small energy boost to keep the productivity going. Stocking up on healthy snacks and beverages also helps keep energy levels, productivity and an overall healthy, positive attitude in the office.

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