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Stop paying for empty spaces. Go for Co-working spaces

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“Getting quality meeting rooms and conference rooms is perfectly possible without paying the down payment for the entire real estate.” How does that sound? What is the beauty of this idea? The beauty lies in a workspace that can be shared with like-minded, skilled and talented people, who just like you want to find camaraderie, save expenses and maximize profits. DeskMag, a leading workspace publication has noticed that, “Seven out of ten co-working facilitators report that the availability of desk space in coworking spaces can’t keep up with public demand in general. The current need for co-working spaces outweighs the availability of vacant spots.”

Coworking spaces add value not only to the real estate you have hired, but also the space that your mind demands. Why do co-working space work better? Co-working allows companies to go for spaces on a need only basis and the company pays for only what is used. This is cost effective as against wasting money on unnecessary space.

An amazing new culture

While a traditional space offers all the necessary room to work and infrastructure to support operations, co-working spaces provide that and add culture and life to your workspace. Networking with other employees in the neighboring companies is an obvious advantage of co-working culture. Four aspects that co-working spaces bring in are Inspiration, Pragmatism, Flexibility and Openness.

Smart Saving!

DeskMag also stated that, ‘The popularity of co-working spaces remains unchanged even if more and more people are switching between workspaces. Nine out of ten co-working spaces are expected to increase their number of memberships this year with one quarter forecasting a significant increase.’ This just proves that more and more entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups are seeing immense value in a co-working space over a bulky office space. When a team of five or six needs a certain space on an ad-hoc basis, a dedicated office space would not offer any value to the lean team. Your organization should start using money as a function of time and this will help you optimize your costs.

Some advantageous features that come with co-working spaces –

  • Mail handling services where your physical mails are managed and stored for your perusal.
  • Reception with phone answering and redirecting services.
  • Collaborative workspaces.
  • Shared common areas and facilities like cafeteria, meeting rooms, etc.

The most enticing feature is the ability to create customized community for an organization’s and team’s growth prospects.

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