Stop Climate Change

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Greenpeace is trying to solve problems pertaining to adverse climate impact, coal and rainforest deforestation.

At the iKeva event, you will get familiar with solutions like renewable energy, ICT’s leadership, action by people, national climate justice and more.

Greenpeace believes that the world needs:

Ø  An energy revolution that lets us quit coal in favour of renewable energy sources like biomass, wind power and solar energy

Ø  Protection for our forests, so they can continue to clean our atmosphere.

Ø  Responsible IT companies who offer climate solutions, and advocate for good environmental laws.

Electricity bills

About Greenpeace:

Greenpeace is an international NGO with offices in over 40 countries across the world. They have been working tirelessly to “ensure the ability of the Earth to nurture life in all its diversity”. Climate change, direct and indirect lobbying, forest campaigns and toxic waste are just some of the projects that they have worked on it the past.

Greenpeace will be setting up a stall at our iKeva office to spread the message of a cleaner, greener and more sustainable environment. They will teach our members how to make paper bags and also analyze each member’s carbon footprint.

Where is it happening?

iKeva Hyderabad 0n 4th September

iKeva Chennai on 11th September

iKeva Bangalore on 18th September

Also, learn how to make paper bags at the centre. See you around!

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