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Why millennials opt for eWorkplaces

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Workspaces are now defined for millennials as youth who attained adulthood in the 2000s are slowly overtaking the workforce across all fields. They would rather have flexibility in their work than a higher pay and would rather be outdoors than sit indoors doing a 9-5 job. In fact, millennials have changed the way people work and hence are opting for eWorkplaces. These workplaces give them the flexibility they need without compromising on their abilities and help them streamline their work to make it more suitable to their lifestyles.

Kate Taylor , a Forbes correspondent identified that ‘studies seem to indicate three causes of millennials’ discontent and the resulting upheaval: the lack of flexibility purposeful labor and economic security.’

eWorkplaces opted by Millennials

A recent Millennial Branding report found 45% of millennials will choose workplace flexibility over pay. eWorkplaces offer flexibility, facilitate purposeful labour and provide economic security. With a shift in the accepted work culture, organizations are looking for workspace providers who can promise flexibility and special communities.

eWorkplaces encourage gig culture and allow millennial entrepreneurs and freelancers to break the traditional corporate structures. They embrace eWorkplaces as they can navigate as per the vision and forecasts of the worker. Some trends ignited by this cohort are:

  • Work/family balance compounding to mutual respect.
  • Companies that offer flexible routes to leadership positions can succeed in retaining millennials, avoiding high attrition.
  • They are not willing to compromise their family and personal values for the company’s inability to offer creative paths for their career growth.

Having identified these trends, eWorkplaces have started to emerge increasingly to accommodate subsequent needs. Flexible communication, project work style over physical workspace, result-oriented ecosystem are some of the features that contribute to choice of eWorkplaces.


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