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Christmas is a time of joy, friendship and giving. It’s a long-standing tradition where people get together and celebrate life and the joy we have in our everyday lives. At iKeva, Christmas is just that important to us. We never give up on an opportunity where we can build camaraderie and fellowship, we celebrate every such moment. We see it as an excellent way to bring together the iKeva family, and associated team members who work in our workspaces. And so, we have something very special planned for Christmas 2015, a Secret Santa across all our workspaces!

It’s pretty simple! All you have to do is wait for our email invite, accept and participate in drawing your name online. Figure out who will you be the Secret Santa for and buy them something awesome this Christmas. There’s one twist; you can’t tell them it’s from you :)!

Every one participating will be given a name and this person will be gifted by your joy, without letting anyone know from who or what it is!

Pretty simple, right? All you have to do is sign up on the Secret Santa email that will be sent to your inbox and find out who you’re giving a gift to this Christmas!

At iKeva, we love to have fun and bring people closer together. Let’s make this Christmas awesome!

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