Jan 22, 2018 Business Strategy

The Issue of Micromanaging!

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For any passionate employee, the biggest challenge is to deal with the ultimate dream-killer – the micromanager.
You, being the manager, it is definitely important to comprehend and keep track of what’s going on in a project, but there comes a moment when the lack of trust in your team’s ability to excel and get the job done can get extremely de-motivating. Having your hand in every little thing actually hurts your team on many fronts.

Unhealthy Work Environment
To begin with, micromanagement works against the natural creativity that’s needed to get the job done. When a person feels like they are being watched all along, they are less likely to take a chance and think outside the box on a project. To get their creative juices running, give them a little space to work their magic.

De-motivated Employees
As a professional, one always wants to feel confident in their skill. By micromanaging, you’ll basically drop your employee’s confidence and force them to underestimate themselves. By making the person feel like they need to have their hand held, you end up de-motivating them.  Trust yourself to have hired smart and capable employees, and trust them, to work their way out!

Discouraged Ownership
By involving yourself deeply in their projects would mean lowering the accountability on your team.  Therefore you’re partly to blame when a project falls apart or a deadline is missed. You must understand that handing out responsibilities and duties is the clear understanding that you’ll be moving the responsibility to that person.

Resource Redundancy  
If nothing else, micromanagement is the perfect example of wasting your time as a manager. There are more important things to do than intruding in every little detail of a project. You do need to maintain an overview of the project so that you stay on the same page, however, you can’t do that efficiently if you are micromanaging.

If you really want to see your business grow and make it successful, there are some areas that you will have to learn to let go. This may be hard to do at first, but once you try, you will probably be quite pleased with the results for sure.