Set these Resolutions in 2018 to Grow as an Entrepreneur

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With the beginning of a new year, begins the ‘Resolution’ phases. Most people probably think about losing weight, quitting smoking or vowing to enjoy life like never before.
But resolutions are not confined to our personal lives. Why not find this a chance to reflect your business’s strength or weakness.
Make some powerful changes in your small business this year, with these possible resolutions:

I will learn to manage the cash flow
A positive cash flow is when the cash entering into your business from sales, accounts receivable, etc. is more than the amount of the cash leaving your businesses through accounts payable, monthly expenses, employee salaries, etc.

I will work on having a digital presence
With everything shifting to digital, having no digital presence can be a drawback. This year, make sure you take a step to create and manage a social media page, website, YouTube channel and other platforms to be able to move ahead in the marketing race. After all, the coming year is predicted to be booming with digital, like never before.

I will charge what I am worth
If you often feel underpaid for the services provided by your business, don’t let this drag too much. This year, make sure you revamp your strategy and raise your rates to accommodate the value you bring to the table. This is the right time to raise the bar!

I will grow my team
Starting up a new business often restricts hiring many resources because of the financial crunch. However, if you do feel the need for more resources, hire them! Begin this year by putting in a little more effort to hire employees and sustain efficient workflow. Remember, having good employees is important to drive things smoothly.

I will become a better communicator
Frequent issues like misunderstandings among your employees, lack of employee morale and consistently wasting time on repeating briefs are a sign that you are ineffective. Make it a point to work on it and make your communication better. Remember, a good communicator is someone who puts the message across correctly, rather than using a language that is too difficult for someone to understand.