Four Ways Coworking Encourages Community

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Changing workspace trends over the last decade have seen the gradual move from traditional cubicles and office spaces to other, alternate places to work from. We’ve seen people running their businesses from homes, or working out of coffee shops. The downside though, was that home workspaces lack social interaction and, coffee shops and home offices both share a problem with distraction.

That’s where coworking spaces made their entrance, filling the gap between the need for a workspace, and the need for social interaction. Coworking spaces offer the best of both worlds. This change, one very much to the positive, has seen more and more people actively opting for these spaces, to make the best of what they offer. There are many benefits to working in a shared office space. Each coworking space is different, and the culture in each is different too, based on the city the shared office space is in. The culture in a Bangalore coworking space will be different from the culture in a coworking space in Hyderabad. That’s another way these offices promote community and togetherness, by reflecting the culture of the place they are located in.

Here are four ways coworking spaces encourage community.

  • The Collaborative Force: Coworking spaces are a very open environment, making it as easy as leaning over a desk or pushing you chair back to ask someone’s opinion or ideate on a project. Coworking spaces also make it possible to hold brainstorm sessions with a varied group of people, each with their unique opinions and ideas. The idea of coworking encourages working together to solve a problem and a focus on being a community rather than just individuals working together.
  • Easy Networking: There are many good things that can be said about Coworking but, one that really stands out is the ease of networking. If you’re a fresh start-up looking to expand your network or just hire new people, a coworking space is a great source for leads. It’s even better for freelancers, who can expand their network and find new sources of work from the same workspace. They could even get hired by start-ups looking to expand.
  • The Social: We’ve spoken about how coworking spaces are collaborative and good for networking. The reason for this is because they’re structured to be really social and encourage interaction. Coworking spaces also have a lot of events organized, from seminars and workshops to office parties, and celebrating festivals and other holidays. This makes for a really social work setting, which is a big plus!
  • Relationships that matter:
    When you work in a shared office space, one of the great things is the people. When you find an office of people who share the same ideals, the same thought processes as you, is when coworking spaces really shine! You meet so many new people and, most of them end up being more than just colleagues, coworkers or contacts. You meet interesting people who might become really close friends, someone who shares hobbies with you and much, much more!

That’s why coworking spaces are such a great draw compared to normal, boring old office spaces. There’s so much to see and do, and so many new people to meet! Coworking spaces are definitely a great community-builder.