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iKeva in POWAI, the place that is reckoned for its numerous landmarks

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Mumbai is an extremely popular attraction for people residing within the country as well as for people who wish to come from abroad and settle down in India.  It is touted as the entertainment, commercial and financial capital of the country. The fact that it offers a high standard of living for those who wish to have it attracts even more migrants thus creating a perfect cosmopolitan population.  And, the moment one thinks of Mumbai, one would consider the various places before zeroing down on one specific place. Powai would definitely top the list!

Powai, the popular upmarket neighborhood that has the extravagant Hiranandani complexes is not only famous as a residential area but also as a popular educational hub.  Even before Powai evolved as a business hub, it became synonymous with professional education. The IIT Powai is and has been a famous landmark for decades now.

If we keep the residential and educational aspects aside for a while, we would understand that the place has evolved and that too in a big way as it has become a hub for startups.  Powai has witnessed prolific growth in the past few years and is now a stiff competition for many other popular places in terms of the opportunities it provides to people who hail from different occupations, professions, states and countries.  

If you are also one of those, who envisages a dream to leave your business footprints in the most happening metro and the equity capital of the country, Mumbai, then you may consider Powai, which has become the heart of ultimate action.  Located in the north-eastern part of Mumbai, the place has the busiest thoroughfares. There is the Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road passing through Powai which makes the commute to other parts of Mumbai absolutely stress-free.

Here is a list of just a few of the landmarks that Powai has become extremely popular for:

IIT Powai: Established in the year 1958, IIT Powai has given the place the epithet of the most sought-after educational hub in India.  This IIT is the second oldest campus in the IIT segment, the first one being IIT Kharagpur. Since the time it has been established the place has expanded physically and has included approximately 600 major buildings in around 550acres.  It has become a sought-after destination for the multifaceted academic programs that it offers in Science, Engineering, Technology and Mathematics.

Its situation between the Powai Lake and the Vihar Lake makes it an ideal location.  The institute gets most of its greenery cover because of its proximity to the popular Sanjay Gandhi National Park.  That is yet another reason why it has remained untouched by the killing pollution that prevails in the rest of the city.

National Institute of Industrial Engineering:  Another popular educational hub is the NITIE, which was established in 1963.  This is an institute that offers postgraduate and doctoral programs in the fields of industrial engineering and management.  Ranked 44 among the engineering institutions and 14 by the NIRF among the management schools, the institute offers great competitive atmosphere to all those who wish to pursue their higher education.  

Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai:  Popularized by Siddharth Basu’s Quiz Time and Derek O’ Brian’s Bournvita Quiz, Bombay Scottish School has caught everyone’s attention for the quality of the students it churns out year on year as they were regular finalists in any kind of a quiz show or extracurricular activities that were conducted on TV.  Located in Powai, the school also adds more reason as to why people should prefer Powai over any other places in Mumbai.

Hiranandani Gardens:  This is an upscale township and is more popular as Hiranandani.  The place consists of numerous penthouses, bungalows and condominiums along with commercial complexes.  There is a perfect mix of office buildings, hospitals, residential buildings, gardens, schools, banks, shopping malls, hotels, pubs, film studios and many more.  Hiranandani gives all the reason as to why one could accord it as one of the most happening startup as well as outsourcing hub in India. Hiranandani and Powai have undoubtedly become the most coveted choice for investment banking firms, startup companies, BPOs and Venture Capital firms.  Owing to the nature of business that goes on rampant in Hiranandani that has become the popular identification of Powai, it has acquired a new sobriquet for itself as India’s Silicon Valley.

Galleria, Scorpio House, Central Avenue, CRISIL House, Hiranandani Hospital, Hiranandani Knowledge Park, and the popular gardens and parks located in this complex are something people would vie for to experience.

Residential Complexes:  Powai is home to numerous residential complexes and especially for the government organizations.  You could find the Armed Services employees residing in and around this area too, in apartments that have been owned or hired by the Defence services for its personnel.  This place is a unanimous choice by the expatriates for the kind of facilities it comes in with. The high-rise buildings, shopping malls, recreational centers, clubhouses and pubs have only added to the demand.  Expats are willing even to pay a whopping 2-3 lakhs as rent for a 3BHK flat. The nightlife in Powai is very active and considered safe by many.

Powai Lake:  

Originally meant for supplying water to the entire city of Mumbai, this is perhaps the oldest and the most popular landmark that one could think of Powai.  IIT Mumbai is located to the east of this lake and the NITIE is located to the north of the lake. The lake was a popular destination for outing as people thronged to watch the rare migratory birds and to engage in fishing and bird watching.  The exponential expansion of Powai has been the reason for the worsened condition of the flora and fauna of the lake. An idyllic picnic spot during vacations for many has now transformed into an avoided space. Despite the misgivings, it definitely adds to the picturesque and scenic beauty to all the places that are located in and around the lake.


All in all, Powai is well connected through its road network supporting the extremely fast-paced urban life.  It also gives the desirable and social infrastructure and hence has become a popular choice by many. The JVLR…Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road has put an end to travel and connectivity woes to many of the people who belong to Powai as it has eased out the traffic.

Powai, in short, may be considered as the jewel of Mumbai as it hosts all the ingredients needed for successful sustenance in the perfect composition. Amidst all these spectacular landmarks lies iKeva’s new home, Supreme Business Park. To complement the Hiranandani gardens and the upscale residential and industrial neighborhood, Supreme Business Park comes with a grand reception, a majestic view of nature, health and fitness clubs and a plethora of other amenities. All these features will make iKeva the perfect addition to your life.

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