Ways of Improving Creativity & Collaboration with Coworking

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Startups usually have got a mythical characteristic about them no matter whether it is a billion-dollar unicorn or a humble venture which gets started with just a few employees. The matter of fact is that the startups are booming across the globe and India is not an exception for sure. Due to the increased number of startups mushrooming in the present times, the competition is also becoming tougher. In order to survive in the long run by tackling the cut-throat competition, creativity is one of the major keys to be adopted. Along with creativity, collaboration is equally crucial for the startups to survive in the highly competitive marketplace in India. With the major rise in the popularity of the coworking spaces, it seems that the startups now have newer ways of increasing their creativity. In this particular post, we would shed some light on how the startups can improve their creativity and collaboration while opting to work from a coworking space. Here we go!


  • Brainstorming new and innovative ideas with fellow entrepreneurs in the meeting rooms – Most of us believe that the startups are always revolving around a creative whirlwind and this is true to a certain extent. This becomes easier to plan within a single room where the entire team is present. So, coworking spaces offer big meeting rooms with all modern amenities where the startups can brainstorm along with the entire team. The facilities which are usually provided in these well-equipped meeting rooms are a printer, LED High Definition TVs and projectors which all facilitate in properly writing out and organizing the team’s ideas in the best possible way. Thus, the trends in the coworking spaces clearly indicate that whether the members are writing on the sticky notes, creating decks on their laptops or white-boarding, they come out to be more creative and collaborative while operating from the coworking spaces.


  • Collaborating on unique projects– In the workplace, there is not a single person who can figure out all the ideas of a great and feasible business all alone. So, it is always effective to work together in order to come up with new and feasible business ideas. The coworking spaces usually have specialized spaces where the teams can collaborate and bring out some valuable outcome. The coworking spaces usually host startups and companies from different backgrounds. With the variety of people from diverse backgrounds, the members of coworking spaces meet and share their ideas and views, talk about and curate big ideas which ultimately result in some fruitful business collaborations.
  • Learning new skills at the workshops– When you opt to work from a coworking space, you become a part of the community where everyone is encouraged to connect and collaborate. It is very crucial for a startup to keep learning newer skills in order to stay relevant and effective in the long run. In order to stay updated, the hosts in the coworking spaces usually organize certain networking events and workshops where the members can engage and learn useful skills. When the employees use newer methods and tools in the workplace, they are able to create some very novel ideas. Engaging in these events helps members of the coworking spaces identify ways of improving the current processes which, in turn, improves their productivity. In both the cases, coworking is supposed to increase the creativity by means of new skills.
  • Discovering the best coworking space that suits your business– The best coworking spaces in India usually have dedicated spaces for brainstorming, collaboration and effective learning which imbibe and enhance creativity amongst the members. So, you should choose your coworking space very carefully which offer you all the benefits for optimizing your level of creativity and also develop the spirit of collaborating.