Step-by-step guide to a successful virtual office

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If you are a small business, start-up, or freelancer you can take advantage of having a virtual office that provides you or your business a physical address and you can manage your office-related services without having to pay the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. With a virtual office, you and your employees can get the benefits of working from anywhere and still get all the benefits like mailing addresses, phone services, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing services.

Don’t you think a virtual office address for your business will help you? Establishing a professional corporate image if you’re starting-up a business or if you have an existing small business. As a small business or mid-size company owner, it will be difficult to manage to lease an office space and other management costs that can be substantial. By getting a business registration address you can save your capital.

Having a traditional office can be extra costs for the monthly lease, hiring a receptionist, setting up a phone system, purchasing office equipment, etc. can add up to quite an expense. Small and mid-sized businesses can opt for an alternative solution of getting a business a virtual office to cut down the extra costs.

A virtual office for freelancers and small companies offers an affordable way for your business to have all the major benefits of a big company but without spending the large costs. Just for a monthly fee, you will get all the tools, the software you need to run a virtual business, a company’s official phone number, a live assistant to answer incoming calls, a commercial virtual office address, customized voice mail, and a dedicated fax number to name a few.

After the pandemic virtual offices are far the best solution for start-ups and small business owners to oversee and keep operating costs low while creating a professional corporate image for their companies. While there’s no shortage of companies you can find on the internet offering a business virtual office, this is the most cost-effective solution.

Many companies provide virtual office services but a small business or a start-up has the perfect alternative to traditional business operations for companies which can also reduce costs while maintaining a professional corporate presence and getting the virtual office for company registration for the business a credit ready company.

Establishing the right foundation for a business in the initial stage is crucial when it comes to building business credit before applying for credit with vendors, suppliers, banks, and other lenders. No one sanctions loans without a business registration address so having a virtual business address can help businesses to get loans and other sanctions easily.

Here are some 8 steps guide to follow:

Step 1:

The business needs to find skill-based Services which can be managed by a laptop and internet connection. Because for remote work, you can only have a handful of equipment/ services available. When it comes to investment for service-based jobs you will just need a laptop, and a good internet connection to get started.

Step 2: You need to have your business website

If you are having an online business, it is incomplete without a website, you must have a website for business. Hire a freelancer or an agency who can help you get a domain for your business and build a website for your company.

Step 3: Register your company legally:

A CA can help you to register your company and get started legally. You don’t have to spend much on registration and go through a long process. Your CA will take care of the registration.

Step 4: Book a virtual office for a year

There are many initiatives by the Government of India under Make in India where businesses can register with their desired addresses be it their home, or office or they can also provide 3rd party vendor address for the registration.

Step 5: Create a proposal and work process

After creating a registered office, you can start pitching clients with personalized emails or calls.

Step 6: Set up a payment gateway for your business.

Consider having a current account for your business, having a personal saving account doesn’t match the business requirement and you should also have a payment gateway.

Step 7: Hire a remote employee.

Having a remote employee can save a lot for the business. The employee can freely work from home, and you don’t have to have a physical office.

Step 8: Outreach people online.

After having a virtual office Bangalore, you can start outreaching people on social media and other online channels. And have a strong online strategy to help your business skyrocket in very less time.

Fulfil your business dreams by using these amazing steps for a simple and effortless process to manage the virtual office. To have an effortless virtual office experience contact iKeva today. iKeva is also a reliable and trusted coworking office space arena. You can find our presence in major cities of India, namely Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.