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Ways of Improving Creativity & Collaboration with Coworking

Coworking Space Community

Startups usually have got a mythical characteristic about them no matter whether it is a billion-dollar unicorn or a humble […]

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Dumb charades, the Game Hour at iKeva Banjara Hills

DumbCharades at iKeva

Each time we host a game hour it helps us understand how a break matters for the team working with […]

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4 Brain workouts you may want to try at work

Brain Workouts

All employees know that feeling that comes around 12 o’clock when you’ve been stuck in the office staring at a […]

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Building camaraderie over Zumba and Salsa: Life @iKeva


If you happened to be at any of our iKeva offices last month, you would have noticed something different. No, […]

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Vacation Tips for Busy Small Business Owners

Vacation Tips For Small Business Owners

You have worked hard and been busy – now it is time to create some lung space, breath solitude and wire-up […]

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What does it take to create world-class brands in India?

Create A World Class Brand

Are you creating a world-class BRAND? Learn “what does it take to create world-class brands in India?” Innovate and create world-class […]

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Design Thinking 101 for Startups on April 24th

Join the free session about Design Thinking 101 for Startups On: Friday,  April 24th From: 2.30 pm to 4.30pm Companies like […]

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Creative use of your office space

Creative use of office space

The Idea of the ideal office space! Meet Mahesh, a successful entrepreneur who has just set up his own IT […]

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